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Ring(chapped) around kid's mouth? (Help!)

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Frozen Margarita --- 11 years ago -

Has anyone seen this? my kid's lips are not chapped but she has a chapped ring around the mouth, as if she(10 yr old) took a kool aid juice cup and left her a red ring around the mouth. It looks exactly like when you get chapped lips but in shape of a ring. If you know or have experienced this, please help! 

GCan --- 11 years ago -

My kids have had this before. I had to tell the doctor's nurse to give me a note for school because I didn't want the teacher to think I had smacked my kid. I think they called it atopic dermatitis and the doctor said it was from my boys licking their lips and scraping the teeth against the outside of their mouth. 

ACwife --- 11 years ago -

Carmex or vaseline! Carmex might burn if it's that bad. I would use plain vaseline & just gob it on, then use the carmex as it gets better. Keep it slathered on. 

I Love Horses --- 11 years ago -

My son gets it all the time, its just like chapped lips, apply chapstick to it and it will go away soon. 

mugglemom --- 11 years ago -

My daughter has this too. We just use chapstick or vaseline. 

Frozen Margarita --- 11 years ago -

Thank you GCan2, I'll read more about it. 

Frozen Margarita --- 11 years ago -

Thanks ACWife, I just put on the petroleum jelly and hope it helps, I also have the carmax and can try that later. 

movedagain --- 11 years ago -

We use chap stick and there are a few other things a doctor can suggest. I told my dd not to lick her lips it seems to help. She has it a lot, not as much since we moved here! 

Momof3 --- 11 years ago -

My daughter and son both have this too! We use bactroban (sp?) antibiotic ointment on it that we got from the pediatrician. It can quite easily turn into dermatitis so keep and eye on it if it doesn't clear up. 

mumbelina --- 11 years ago -

More than likely chapped lips like everyone else said, but... You might want to take them to the DR. my oldest had that last year this time and it turned out to be ringworm. I felt so bad because I was treating it like chapped lips for a few weeks. When it didn't get any better I took him in. Just another perspective. 

aunt_dodo --- 11 years ago -

I used to get it too when I was little. It's from licking the lips/around the lips, This time of year is when it generally pops up. Just do what everyone is saying...should clear up. 

Big Red --- 11 years ago -

My oldest has this problem too. We use neosporin around his mouth and chapstick or carmex for his lips. 

sewromantic --- 11 years ago -

Yep. It's from licking around the lips. You might be able to prevent it in the future by putting chapstick on their lips. It's been soooo dry they are probably trying to keep their lips moist by licking them, but that only makes things worse when the saliva dries. Also, the baby may not be actually licking her lips, but sucking her thumb which is another way of getting saliva around her mouth and when it dries out causes the redness and dryness. 

MomofTwins --- 11 years ago -

My son gets this from licking his lips and using his shirt sleeve to wipe his nose (the sleeve rubs against his lips). The boys at preschool were teasing him the other day telling him he was wearing lipstick. The new Neosporin Lip Therapy stuff works wonders. I bought it near the checkout at Randall's. 

Miss Mary --- 11 years ago -

Daisy, It most likely is just chapped lips like the others have said, but I would suggest that you get it checked out. I had a friend who's child had this and it also turned out to be ringworm; another that turned into a fungal infection (which I think ringworm is too) If it is fungul, you will need a prescription. Good Luck Mary Http:// 

Jen --- 11 years ago -

My son gets ring around his mouth from chapped lips, quite a bit. The pharmasist recommended a chapped stick that did not have flavor in it and also, no Carmex or others that may burn! Plain ol' chapsticks, will work. Don't forget to apply it, before he goes to bed, too! 

CountryChick --- 11 years ago -

We use bactroban (sp?) antibiotic ointment That is what we was very expensive but it lasts a very long time because it only takes a little bit...and it works really fast(2 or 3 days and it will be cleared up) 

Frozen Margarita --- 11 years ago -

Thank you guys! I have to tell you all, it is going away with just putting on Petrolium jelly and she admits it's best as she doesn't lick it cause it's tasteless. Thanks again! 

I Love Horses --- 11 years ago -

I got mine from sucking on my bottom lip as a child! mine was so bad my dad put velcro on my bottom lip to keep me from sucking on it! 

Sweetie Pie --- 11 years ago -

Neosporin Lip Therapy works great on that. One of my daughters, the constant lip licker, gets it often! 

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