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Humble ISD Gifted Program

who's talking here?

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4nTX --- 11 years ago -

Anyone out there that has children in the Humble ISD Gifted and Talented Program? How do you like it? What kind of services does your child receive?  

love4bdd --- 11 years ago -

yes and they get to take the honors classes as far as services go......... 

planemom --- 11 years ago -

If your talking about Wings in elementary school it really depends on the school. In middle and high school it makes it easier to get into the honors courses. 

Scribbles --- 11 years ago -

yes and they get to take the honors classes as far as services go......... ditto ~ I can't think of any 'services' received. 

planemom --- 11 years ago -

The way Wings works it's not enough to be smart you also have to be able to think creatively. You can have a child that is very intelligent but if they lack imagination then they will not get into the program. However, they can still get on the honors track in middle school without being in wings. 

*emily --- 11 years ago -

I was in Honors and Advanced Placement classes in middle school and high school. (AP classes are for college credit if you pass the test they give.) I was not in wings. 

mommiedearest --- 11 years ago -

The SPICE program is teh GT program for the more creative outside the box thinker...not so much the intelligent part... 

Mom's Taxi Service --- 11 years ago -

There is a parent group for the gifted talented HISD students (I think it's called PGFT - Parents of Gifted and Talented), sometimes my kids bring home letters inviting parents to come to their meetings and become more involved. Sadly, I haven't actually been to one yet. Wings is different from school to school. When my son was in elementary he would get taken from class sometimes to work on some very cool projects. When the kids start middle school, they put them in GT/Honors classes. We never asked to have our son put in anything, they just said once they're identified as GT, that's where they go. But you ultimately have the say if you don't want them to go into those classes. It's great if your child can get in it and stay in at least some of the honors classes throughout high school, they can earn some college credit when they get into the upper level classes! 

m•t•v --- 11 years ago -

I'm sure it is different from school to school.... At the school where I teach, it is very much about working creatively on cool projects and investingations... The best way I have heard the WINGS program described (or better yetm the kids who belong there) is like this...... You want a GT kid researching how to cure your brain tumor, and the SMART kid to be your brain surgeon, because if you let a GT kid have access to your brain s/he'll will be like "hmmm, I wonder what will happen if I do THIS... (fill in the blank)" They are the creative out-of-the-box thinkers who come up with the zaniest solutions to problems... 

Denise C --- 11 years ago -

humble is all the same..there is one coordinator. anyone can nominate the child. they are then tested. the testing is bizarre. if a child takes the entire time on 10 questions and answers only 4, he will get in as opposed to a child that hurriedly answers 10 and gets 4 wrong. it is for grades 2-12. spice is for 1st graders. 

Denise C --- 11 years ago -

gifted and talented 

eterry2 --- 11 years ago -

spice is for K and 1st grade. They have a separate Identification system because early readers might not be gifted. By the time they are a little older, they are able to identify GT kids better. DD has been in Spice/wings/gt since Kindergarten. In elem school they met with the extended learning teacher--pull out system. They did many things there, but they did a research project every year and also they got to do the Gold version of Wordmasters. GT in humble is language based. there is no GT math or science class. The GT kids usually just take the accelerated math. Some people recommend changing to AP for high school English. My daughter stayed in GT and loved her 10th grade English GT English class. She switched to level English as a junior. English is the only class for GT in high school. 

Denise C --- 11 years ago -

it is my understanding they test them in kindergarten to be in spice in 1st. is this not correct? 

stampin' gal --- 11 years ago -

it is my understanding they test them in kindergarten to be in spice in 1st. we just filled in the recommendation forms for spice. I am not sure what 'testing' there is. The teacher said it was more parent questionnaire, teacher recommendation and class work (i think?). I haven't heard anything about testing. 

Denise C --- 11 years ago -

here's a great link to the actual handbook for the program. lots of info. g/t handbook 

fancyfree --- 11 years ago -

The district is changing the program in middle school. There will no longer be separate GT classes. The kids will be in advanced classes with other students. 

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