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Earthquest dino park

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john --- 6 years ago -

Elections in May for E.M.C.I.D board please vote out incumbents, They need to go they have cost taxpayers 8 million so far. They are being investigated by feds as we speak. Check out the tribune stories, if you live in Porter-New caney you have not read the tribune stories. They have wasted millions on this pipe dream dino park. They need to go. Please comment if you are a fed up tax payer and go vote. here is one blog and here is article 

MonzaRacer --- 6 years ago -

McCrady and staff need to go...but they are not among the elected ones 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

The bond expenditures are up on the EMCID site:

That pompous windbag, Don Holbrook, made $773,963.43 from his own LLC alone. That is in addition to the money he made from the defunct charity and any other pies he had his hand in. 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Holbrook says:

"....No I am not going to name all the projects....So in my opinion this case is now officially closed...." 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Don Lessem dropped by:

My sincere thanks to Mr. Lessem! 

BCSKW --- 6 years ago -


monkeygouger --- 6 years ago -

Dont let up Sbm. I was cussed 3 years ago when I said this is all bull. This should serve warning to others the truth will find you. 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Don Holbrook is still melting down on the Houston Press article comments section. I answered him there and here: 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago - 

monkeygouger --- 6 years ago -

^ sounds like another scheme. If they build a theme park it will be off 45 n. I say regress go back onto town and refurbish it. This getting stupid people driving 30 miles to go somewhere. 

Lets Be Fair --- 6 years ago -

Doesn't that area flood? 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Huber Heights Ohio is suing Earthquest's developer, Don Holbrook: 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Don Holbrook is trying to silence the public debate about Earthquest. That will never happen. Check out the new anti-SLAPP law in Texas. 

monkeygouger --- 6 years ago -

Why would someone lie about a major project like this?

If i were a developer I would want to buy cheap and sell high. By presenting a idea and pumping emotions people of east Montgomery are content on paying higher taxes. I sell the land to a developer. Instead of ploping down 80 - 90 k homes they are 100k + because of the higher tax and speculation. To top it off manipulate money and bankrupt. The payday is the land being sold.

Evil mind 

Banjos and Squealing Pigs --- 6 years ago -

That Ohioan attorney is full of it. That's a generic C&D letter. I think the pressure is mounting on Holbrook.

What's the VERY latest on the park anyway? Are they still claiming it's "moving forward"?

It's hard to keep track of the news and Internet on this because it goes in so many directions.

And I have to ask because I'm ignorant but what are you "soapboxmom" so adamantly going after this thing? According to your address, you live in Garland which isn't anywhere close to Montgomery County. What's your vested interest in this?

Just curious.... 

Tipsyhic --- 6 years ago -

"Leaving the city of Yachi, and traveling ten days in a westerly direction, you reach the province of Karazan, which is also the name of the chief city....Here are seen huge serpents, ten paces in length (about 30 feet), and ten spans (about 8 feet) girt of the body. At the fore part, near the head, they have two short legs, having three claws like those of a tiger, with eyes larger than a forepenny loaf (pane da quattro denari) and very glaring."

The jaws are wide enough to swallow a man, the teeth are large and sharp, and their whole appearance is so formidable, that neither man, nor any kind of animal can approach them without terror. Others are met with of a smaller size, being eight, six, or 5 paces long; and the following method is used for taking them. In the day-time, by reason of great heat, they lurk in caverns, from whence, at night, they issue to seek their food, and whatever beast they meet with and can lay hold of, whether tiger, wolf, or any other, they devour;

"After which they drag themselves towards some lake, spring of water, or river, in order to drink. By their motion in this way along the shore, and their vast weight, they make a deep impression, as if a heavy beam had been drawn along the sands. Those whose employment is to hunt them observe the track by which they are most frequently accustomed to go, and fix into the ground several pieces of wood, armed with sharp iron spikes, which they cover with sand in such a manner as not to be perceptible.

When therefore the animals make their way towards the places they usually haunt, they are wounded by these instruments, and speedily killed. The crows, as soon as they perceive them to be dead, set up to scream; and this serves as a signal to the hunters, who advance the spot, and proceed to separate the skin from the flesh, taking care immediately to secure the gall, which is most highly esteemed in medicine.
Marco Polo 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

@Mr Fabulous,

I am just down the road from the failed developers Marlin Atlantis White. John Marlin and Trey White are also partners in the Evolv / zero MLM water deal. Evolv got sued by Texas Board of Regents / MD Anderson Cancer Center for making unsubstantiated claims about the water. MD Anderson rightfully wanted their name off of the bottles of water. I was following that sordid saga and noticed they were also tangled up in the Earthquest deal. That clued me in to one possible reason the dang thing was still only on paper.

Oh! You wrote the magic drinking game words. Bottoms up everyone! I will check the BK records again soon, otherwise there are no updates as far as I know. 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Don Holbrook and his wife, after the 1.2 million earned from Earthquest and the related charity, are in chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

pantherdadx2 --- 6 years ago -

MrFabulous...It's not moving forward,it's moving round and round in a clockwise circular motion,like a flushing commode,full of EMC's taxpayers dollars! 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

I sent in a formal complaint to the DOJ related to Holbrook's bankruptcy: 

Don A Holbrook --- 6 years ago -

Dear Readers of this blog, as stated, this is a serious legal issue. Please note that I am brining litigation against Ms. Soapboxmom (Heather Dobrott et al) she received a letter from my attorney which very carefully stated she has until May 11th to substantiate with valid facts and evidence of her Libel comments. Ms. Dobrott is digging herself a very deep legal hole and her malicious attacks on my business and my professional reputation are purposeful and with willful intent to harm my livelihood. She has made very poor decisions in business and ignorance of the law will not excuse her nor any of you who choose to continue in this libel from the liabilities that are piling on yourselves. By spreading libel and then encouraging others unwittingly to participate on this page is just bringing other previously innocent people into her web of fictional conspiracy. I would encourage anyone on this web page to take note in the recent $13M Texas award of damages to those folks using and promoting anonymous libel about innocent people. At the appropriate time we will know every computer ID that has made comments on any site that aids in this process and those that make such comments must be prepared to deal with the litigation that is coming this month. If you continue to comment on me, my business, and further ruin my professional reputation and/or harm my livelihood and/or personal affairs for libel, slander, defamation or other malicious intent you do so at your own risk. For some the damages has been done and avoiding litigation is impossible in my opinion, but for those of you bright enough to discontinue your libel comments you may still avoid litigation. Be smart and do not be baited into legal liabilities by a person such as Heather Dobrott. She obviously has too much time on her hands and her mind goes to conspiracy theories as her own form of sick entertainment. That is her own affair until it harms others with such malicious intent that it wrecks their business for spreading virally false information and doing so for her own self-gratification reasons. 

monkeygouger --- 6 years ago -

Anyone can have a bring a lawsuit mr holbrook. This site may bring at most 100 people to it. I doubt even 20 live in Montgomery county. You lie if you are mr holbrook. Sbm is posting on a blog about your scheme. Are you nervous? Did she find facts? You as a public figure taking public tax dollars are not immune to scrutiny from the public in a public forum.

Put some dozers out there and clearcut to at least show initiative to build the project which has doubled taxes for EMC through speculation. All post by sbm are editorial in style. One persons opinion none else. 

monkeygouger --- 6 years ago -

Oh I forgot you sold the property to some builders. So the project is moot and you filed bankruptcy. What livelyhood is being destroyed? 

pantherdadx2 --- 6 years ago -

Mr Holbrook, I sincerely apologize for my last post if it offended you in any way. Please feel free to substitute the word "toilet" for the word "commode", as the word "commode" gave that post too much dignity. Oh,and by the way, and I'm sure 99% of Mont. Co. citizens will agree with me, get a "REAL" job. 

Banjos and Squealing Pigs --- 6 years ago -

Oh man, let the games begin!

This might get interesting. 

Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -


You are the bomb my man! Holbrook is looking pretty darn silly about now! Of course, you have just given away the fact that all of you at KU are part of the conspiracy! Wasn't toilet the secret code word??? 

pantherdadx2 --- 6 years ago -

That would be a "flushing toilet " M'lady. Hark,is that Sir Holbrook in the backround, asking to please pass the grey poupon? 

SparkleShine --- 6 years ago -

#thedummer just witnessed a Chihuahua chasing its tail. Good luck. 

pantherdadx2 --- 6 years ago -

Dear readers of this blog; I am looking to start up a business ferrying customers into outer space to look for life on other planets. Please deliver truckloads of taxpayer dollars to my bank account, as I desperately need to get this project up and running! No, wait a minute,(brainstorm). Me and my pardners could save the taxpayers millions by purchasing a gret big bag of pscilocybin mushrooms and wash them down with a LSD cocktail and fly ourselves there or a feasibility study. Maybe Don or Frank could let us use one of their backyard pool areas as a launching pad. Maybe we could get Chez Nous to cater the pre-flight dinner. 

pantherdadx2 --- 6 years ago -


Soapboxmom --- 6 years ago -

Don Holbrook owns a winery. Let's invite him to the party!!!! No doubt with that1.2 million he made off of Earthquest he could afford to send a dozen cases or so.

We are moving forward!!! 

Circlesmile --- 6 years ago -

He is doing the same thing in Nevada. Is he going to help build 2 parks? 

Circlesmile --- 6 years ago -

@ 1:30 that dudes economic philosophy sucks. A business provides a product or service to make a profit on their own merit. 

Banjos and Squealing Pigs --- 6 years ago -

Pahrump, huh?

Maybe they could make a hooker theme park. That's where the Chicken Ranch is. 

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