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Children Crying at Border

who's talking here?

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OrdinaryGuy --- 4 years ago -

I don't have to because it's already been done. Oops, I forgot, you liberals ignore anything you don't agree with. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 4 years ago -

I don't think the police should have to take any calls to democrat homes or businesses. They don't care about enforcing the law so let them deal with the consequences. 

jackass --- 4 years ago -

Absolute morons. 

It is I WhyWhyWhy --- 4 years ago -

Absolute morons.?

Totally agree, morons and traitors to this country. 

roer de pot --- 4 years ago -

Absolute morons.?Totally agree, morons and traitors to this country.

Unbelievable how vile the right is. 

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