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I joined this crazy place on 2006-11-09, 12 years ago.

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Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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Is it just me or - 3 years ago

Has this forum degraded to an unpleasant place. Its not nice at all anymore. I remember it to be a fun place where you could meet your neighbors, make lasting friendships, and it was enjoyable to c...

HALLELUJAH! Boy Scouts' ban on gay adult leaders not sustainable - 3 years ago

What a sad day for a once upstanding institution

anyone know someone to fix hail damage - 3 years ago

[i]really just want a new roof Yeah, that's insurance fraud.?[/i] [img][/img]really just want a new roof Yeah, that's insurance ...

Will it kill me? - 3 years ago



Mr. Mark will be taking roll call

Is it going to rain tonight? - 3 years ago

NO it will be sunny until 3 am.

Car tires on a motorcycle? - 3 years ago

Totally stupid idea. But then, its your bike, your life, put aircraft landing tir...

Obama Wants To Make Voting Mandatory - 3 years ago

Every thing this ahole touches turns to sh*t.

Are fish caught in lake Houston ok to eat? - 3 years ago

[i]If a jug line or trout line is not properly tagged with the owners name and when it was put out it is considered trash. Remove it.?[/i] this is true

Presbyterians say gay marriage OK - 3 years ago

[i]And that would suck.?[/i] speaks for itself.

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