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I joined this crazy place on 2007-01-15, 11 years ago.

» save Gotcats as my FRIEND - HOSER

Just another person spending to much time on here!!

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Rock the Ranch - 1 years ago

http://www.rocktheranchtx. ROCK THE RANCH TEXAS 2017 Rock the Ranch Music Festival (RTR) will take place in New Caney, TX May 12th & 13th of 2017 and will be an annual event hosted by the East...

Sanders Leaves Democratic Party - 2 years ago

When Hillary was talking about Bernie last night and the camera went to him, I thought he looked very unhappy, worn down, and disgusted.

What Bill forgot to Mention about Hillary - 2 years ago

Shhhh that's a secret...

Pick up after yourselves!!! - 2 years ago

Those are some of the same people that drive down the road and throw trash out the window. In the theater they walk by trash can and at home or work there is a trash can. Lazy Lazy Lazy

Grand Texas Theme Park update - 2 years ago

Souperman watch the video. I'm sure you will realize it is being made. That's a whole lot of money already spent buying, clearing, and working on the infrastructure.

Grand Texas Theme Park update - 2 years ago I hope the link works..

Caterimg - 2 years ago

Might want to check.... Raising the Potato Bar. I will probably use them at my daughters wedding. I found out about them at the venue where she is getting married. Its $10.00 a person for a full servi...

The common denominator is? The problem is? - Just saying . . . - 2 years ago

We know this, but the libtards would rather push a different agenda.

I'm a Hotdog Genius! - 2 years ago

I like the top slice Pepperidge Farm buns. These make more sense if you want to keep toppings on top and not falling out the side. I grew up on these and they finally started selling them down here. H...

anyone have any of these items - 2 years ago

The tall air mattress they sell in any sporting department are a good substitute in the mean time if you don't find something.

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