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Mike Cohen going to FLIP! - 16 hours ago

LOL............. it appears folks go suckered by fake news again.

Children Crying at Border - 17 hours ago

He must have gotten a hold of a particularly strong strain of herb recently.

Mike Cohen going to FLIP! - 17 hours ago

The Onion...... .......... to add to their ever growing nothing burger.

To all Spanish speakers out there - 18 hours ago


Children Crying at Border - 18 hours ago

LOL........ she is entertaining.

To all Spanish speakers out there - 19 hours ago

When you see voice of reason posting. All you have to do is look who is in the box. LOL

To all Spanish speakers out there - 19 hours ago

[i]Cinco de Mayo is just an excuse for gringos to get plastered on margaritas for a day.[/i] PFTTTT........... I don't need no "holiday" to get plastered on margaritas.

Children Crying at Border - 19 hours ago

It's been going on since long before Trump even announced he was running. Stop watching CNN and MSNBC. They're rotting what brain liberals have left.

Kingwood Racism - 1 days ago

You guys bit hard. I warned ya.

Kingwood Racism - 2 days ago

Troll alert

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