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So much for the "Blue Wave" in 2018 - 6 hours ago

Republican defeats Democrat in Arizona special election, Chances are........ the polls had the Democrat winning in a landslide.

Terrorist attack in Toronto - 7 hours ago

Involuntary celibate? Sounds like something unique to Canadians.

Where is the donald? - 1 days ago

WOW........ Watchout had a serious touch of the TDS today.

Where is the donald? - 1 days ago

The Donald lives under Fuzzballs skin.

Where is the donald? - 1 days ago


What a beautiful funeral. - 1 days ago

About time.

Trumpty's going down - 1 days ago

Still haven't gotten anyone they were out to get. Keep trying.

So why is Trump giving pardon to Scooter Libby? - 1 days ago

[i]pointless and with out content... [/i] Much like most of what you post.

Trumpty's going down - 2 days ago

LOL........... based on liberal pipe dreams. Hillary 2016

What a beautiful funeral. - 2 days ago

You expect anything less from Wayne?

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