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Hiro Protagonist

I joined this crazy place on 2008-07-28, 9 years ago.

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Used to be Randle McMurphy, now I'm a Hiro.

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McCabe's firing - 67 days ago

[i]Just comeuppance for a depraved Obama/Clinton sycophant.?[/i] What exactly do you think he's accused of doing wrong? From what I've seen what they're saying he did wrong helped Trump.

Flint, Michigan USA - 70 days ago

[i]You would think moving to another city in your own home state might be a tad easier....???[/i] Usually they get here through humanitarian aid, or come here after selling everything they have....

GOP loses Pennsylvania seat - 71 days ago

[i]Could be but then this district won't exist in Nov.?[/i] Which makes it even worse. The pubs couldn't win even in a district that they gerrymandered to give them an advantage.

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

[i]If you want to go to college there are multiple ways to do so for those who are so motivated.?[/i] But is it even worth it anymore? The cost is so high and the value is deflated. If you had a bu...

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

[i]but the main difference between the French and Russian situations was that it was anger at the government establishment (Obsequium Nobilis) and not so much private industry.?[/i] Very true. He...

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

Whether you want to see it or not, this country is quickly becoming a caste society. England has always had the aristocratic and working class, and now we are following suit. The upper class go to dif...

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

[i] Do you really think companies get together and conspire to keep workers wages low?[/i] They don't need to agree they just know that people need to work, and will accept lower than what they sh...

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

[i] The pie isn't owned by the workers. Its owned by the share holders.?[/i] It's about allocation of funds and revenue not "ownership." There is no good reason with massive profits to stagnate ...

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

[i]Only to the extent your competition does the same.?[/i] Which they're all in tacit agreement to keep wages artificially low when compared to company revenue and profits. Eventually when i...

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 72 days ago

If a company has profits that large, shouldn't more of that profit be spread out among the employees? No one is saying a janitor should get paid the same as a CEO, but more of the money should be seen...

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