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voice of reason

I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-08, 10 years ago.

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a moderate: noun. someone who is in the middle. not left and not right. this is what this board needs for moderaters. see how the two words come from the same root! there is a reason for this. heaven forbid we get moderation from a moderate.

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Make America Great Again!!! Kanye West in the Oval Office!! - 4 days ago


CONFIRMED! No blue wave! - 35 days ago

[i]Soros is here to buy Texas votes. He donated $25 million to Hillary. How he's helping Beto.[/i] repugnants are getting very, very, very nervous. haha

top 3 k.u. posts - 35 days ago

are quite indicative of how extremely worried the g.o.p. are of beto. cruz is shaking in his boots. on another wave- [img][/img]undefined

Layoffs Just Reached a Half-Century Low - 35 days ago

there's an abundance of minimum, unlivable wage jobs available.

#crazytown - 35 days ago


Vote Cruz!!! - 36 days ago

i was reading an article this weekend on how beto is becoming a national sensation. meanwhile our president is an international embarrassment. barf

Vote Cruz!!! - 36 days ago

[i]Raphael Cruz has done nothing for Texas. Vote Beto.?[/i] thank you!

Down the rabbit hole... - 36 days ago

how about down the toilet bowl. [img][/img]

#crazytown - 41 days ago

[i]Which John Kelly vehemently denies having ever said. [/i] right. as you would too if you were him. as if he'd admit it. too funny. on another note.. the president privately called Sessio...

Lets pretend - 41 days ago

'o where, o where is my brain?' -d.j.t. TOP STORIES In an anonymous Op-Ed, a senior Trump administration official says he and others are working ​to frustrate the president?s ?misguided ...

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