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voice of reason

I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-08, 9 years ago.

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a moderate: noun. someone who is in the middle. not left and not right. this is what this board needs for moderaters. see how the two words come from the same root! there is a reason for this. heaven forbid we get moderation from a moderate.

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Why is it only men are called out for inappropriate sexual behavior - 3 days ago

[i]Women can do it to men also. So why is it only men get called out on it? [/i] they do not. how about all the women teachers who are screwing around with their students. it flies both ways ...

Did Rex Tillerson call Trump a moron? Oh my - 66 days ago

[i]Did Rex Tillerson call Trump a moron?[/i] heck yeah. everyone's called him a moron.

Bandit Signs - Feel free to remove! - 87 days ago

is there a reason you have a need to remove the advertising of others? right now contracter services that are needed are being advertised. normally their signs could go but maybe not now.

Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 87 days ago

did they come thru kingwood last night? i did not hear them.

WHEN is Kingwood "make-up" FIREWORKS ? maybe 4 July 2018 - 88 days ago

i wouldn't hold your breath. after all this was sponsored by two organizations that were flooded in totality. many town center businesses can't even afford to rebuild and are closing doors for good.

Aerial mosquito spraying starts tomorrow night - 88 days ago

i wish they would not spray anything at all ever. it isn't good for humans, other living things, or the environment and in the long run does way more harm than good.

Forest Cove - 88 days ago

the o.p. was asking specifically about st. andrews and laurel springs. everyone knows hamblen road was flooded as usual.

Lake Houston dam - 88 days ago

[i]3) They decided not to pre-release water fro the reservoir before the storm because they wanted to "save" the water in Lake Conroe for surrounding businesses in case of a drought. WTF?![/i] ...

Lake Houston dam - 88 days ago

[i]I agree, the San Jac, Addicks, and Barker dams were released 1) without notifying homeowners so that they could prepare. Instead they were happy to make it through Harvey but woke up the next day w...

WHEN is Kingwood "make-up" FIREWORKS ? maybe 4 July 2018 - 88 days ago

is the o.p. trying to be funny you think?

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