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voice of reason

I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-08, 8 years ago.

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a moderate: noun. someone who is in the middle. not left and not right. this is what this board needs for moderaters. see how the two words come from the same root! there is a reason for this. heaven forbid we get moderation from a moderate.

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Russians steal another election - 35 days ago

now you're talking, 4p's!

NYT: Democrats Seethe After Georgia Loss: Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump - 35 days ago

ah, you one upped the dems on this message board now! go you!

Religion of peace strikes again............. - 35 days ago

no this is not the religion striking again. it is the act of an extremist. it always is. but you go on and hate a whole group of people based on a small subset of extremists. your comments say more...

House call - 36 days ago

i know there is a vet who will make a house call to euthanize. i read about her once here but don't recall her name. i don't know if she just treats at home either. sorry.

Orange Leaf Yogurt - 36 days ago

where was it? i never even heard of them. i guess i need to come out of my shell. lol

Prayers for Otto Warmbrier - 36 days ago

unfortunately, otto's own naivete' got him in the end. he was just too young to fully understand a dictator regime and how you simply cannot do things there that you can do here and get away with the...

Dear Leader's lack of ability to perform duties, AGAIN - 62 days ago

how about him getting the brits p.o.'ed at us for all the leaking of the terrorist intelligence? what a maroon.

Fox retracts fake news Seth rich conspiracy story - 63 days ago

[i]Apparently he and Sean Hannity are refusing to retract the story. [/i] the original delusional duo.

The Euro Left regarding Manchester - Just get used to it - 63 days ago

[i]You are an uninformed bigot. You do realize that the ONLY people who are on the ground actively fighting ISIS are Muslims right? [/i] i second this emotion. there's enough bigotry on this b...

LMFAO Libs have no original ideas - 63 days ago

it was clear to me the o.p. copied it from somewhere else. that doesn't negate its usage here when the repubs behave the way the passage addresses.

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