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voice of reason

I joined this crazy place on 2008-09-08, 9 years ago.

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a moderate: noun. someone who is in the middle. not left and not right. this is what this board needs for moderaters. see how the two words come from the same root! there is a reason for this. heaven forbid we get moderation from a moderate.

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Remember word games? - 9 days ago


the nuclear deal, "going to be great, it is great deal" - 9 days ago

you know obama is just seething with envy over trump?s meticulously negotiated airtight nuclear pact. :-) :-) :-)

Cohen expects to be arrested any day - 9 days ago

too funny. run for the hills! lol

Melania?s Recent Behavior Is Right Out of Hitchcock The lady vanishes. - 9 days ago

[i]Vanishing is a good thing to do when you're surrounded by wolves?[/i] w.t.f.

Trump pardons drug dealer because Kim Kardashian begged him - 13 days ago

[i]LOL OK, another fail on your part. Why do you make this so easy? According to the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015 dealing is a non-violent crime.?[/i] i thought it was clear th...

MELANIA where abouts?!?!?! - 15 days ago

from the 'today's hypocrisy' department: Morning Joe? co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski shot back at Donald Trump on Wednesday, after the president accused the media of being ?unfair? ...

McCabe Wants Immunity - 16 days ago

[i]McCabe wants immunity to testify about the HRC email investigation. Why would he want that if he did nothing wrong? Watch out democrats it's all starting to unravel. [/i] nope. let's get ...

Trump pardons drug dealer because Kim Kardashian begged him - 16 days ago

[i]Figured such a liberal cause du jour as prison reform and sentence commutation for non violent offenses would be right up your alley. [/i] dealing drugs is a very violent offense so that's a...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 16 days ago

[i] How in the world do you not know that welfare programs enable people to have MANY kids?[/i] this is a known fallacy. do your legwork on this one please. welfare is not a living wage. i agre...

Remember word games? - 21 days ago


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