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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 9 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Women and Body Image - 1 days ago

There's no doubt Americans have been conditioned that thinner is better-I'd love to have the self esteem not to always think gaining a pound is the devil!

Moore Accuser Admits She Forged Yearbook - 2 days ago

There's no doubt in my mind he's a creeper. Ugh.

POLL: It?s snowed!!! - 2 days ago

hmm.. good question Mr. Caveman.

Grass Fed Meats/Soup Bones - 2 days ago

Google it- I've seen lots of info that way- most grocery stores carry meat now, that's organic- check with the butcher about your wishes-

Moore Accuser Admits She Forged Yearbook - 3 days ago

She changed the day and the place- she might have done it back then to determine that info at a later date, but by omitting that in the lawsuit, she lost her credibility- how stupid of her- it makes ...

POLL: Trump on Israel - 3 days ago

Who needs to post when Prolix says it better?

Snow Flurries - 4 days ago

How cool is that? Merry Christmas to you!

Buh Bye Flynn! - 4 days ago

col?lu?sion [kəˈlo͞oZHən] NOUN secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others: "the armed forces were working in collusion with dru...

Excellent visual on privilege and advantages - 4 days ago

the Markster --- 4 hours ago - quote - hide comments Because i supported myself as a facialist, Mark- Because you had to. you said. A single income when married was not enough to live as you lik...

Buh Bye Flynn! - 4 days ago

It kinda is, mark- no one ever knows what you're talking about, and that's a problem. Your problem.

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