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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 8 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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CORAL SNAKE!! - 2 days ago

NOOOOOOOO!!!! No snakes!!

Biased Press? - 3 days ago

It's true the press obsesses on Trump, but he certainly gives them fodder!

Lonely widower Puts in pool, makes it public - 3 days ago

What a nice story!

Oh, for a cup of coffee, or a home cooked meal! - 3 days ago


Directly from the MOD page: - 3 days ago

the Markster --- 9 hours ago - quote - hide comments Instead of going off topic on other threads. I resurrected this thread. Clannish and petty is where I left off. Revolving terms and Term lim...

Alt right MAGA white supremacist terrorist plowed into crowd killing 1 in virginia - 3 days ago

Im Incognito --- 9 hours ago - quote - hide comments It seems to me the mods only ice those people who try to stir up controversy or really insult someone. In watching for months without commenting, ...

Gelato or ice cream?? - 4 days ago

Gelato, all the way!

In 2017 - why is it legal to be a white supremacist, a KKK member, or a neo nazi??? - 4 days ago

I completely agree with you, but it's just one of those crappy things that come with freedom.

Alt right MAGA white supremacist terrorist plowed into crowd killing 1 in virginia - 4 days ago

ummm, no- moderators never say who did the icing. It's kind of an unwritten rule.

North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile-Attack Threat - Look who blinked - 4 days ago

Trump's probably handling them the only way left to try-

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