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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 7 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Is KW a bubble from the harshness of reality? - 22 hours ago

not this time! Sifi's a city girl!!!!

RNC grooms Rubio - 1 days ago

I really, really hope Kasich's ratings go up after that debate- he's so far above everyone else running-

Madame Albright "Just remember: there's a special place in hell for women who don?t help each other, - 1 days ago

do you think I'll go to hell for taking my girlfriend's boyfriend away when I was 13? I've lived with guilt, since!

Is KW a bubble from the harshness of reality? - 1 days ago

unless you venture on a religious or political thread- then bring your life jacket! LOL!

Great Harvest Bread Co - 1 days ago

believe me, the cinnamon raisin bread is worth every penny!!!

I want a gun - 1 days ago

I'm still wondering why that example was used as a person who shouldn't own a gun- how bazaar-

Great Harvest Bread Co - 1 days ago


BREAKING: Bernie Sanders scandal bombshell!! - 1 days ago

me, too- of course, I confessed and received forgiveness. (after many Hail Mary's)

Is this his Howard Dean moment? YEAAAAHH! - 3 days ago

I didn't, either-

Paul Ryan to Tea Party: You are the problem - 3 days ago

look at the governor and lt. governor- awful-

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