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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 6 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Bruce Jenner & his plans to become a "woman" - 1 days ago

Work, it's not the changing organs make you a woman, it's that you already feel like a woman and changing organs make you look like a woman-(plus the hormones you take make your body hair, etc., too)

Harry Reid announces retirement - 1 days ago

I find it really funny that I understand what she means- I, however, get more right in some ways, too- so I'm a little bit of both-

Sigh. I'm such a klutz. - 1 days ago

I should be an expert at this, from moving fast and not looking down!

Sigh. I'm such a klutz. - 1 days ago

Instead of Tylenol, an anti inflammatory like Motrin, is better- using heat and ice, interchangibly is good, too-

Phil Robertson, 'Duck Dynasty' Star - 1 days ago

WIP, would you mind if I answered that? Children are helpless, and need protection from adults- old people, mentally disabled, physically disabled and animals would come under the same heading- we, as...

Great news on property taxes! - 1 days ago

I don't know what PM's nuances are, in her posts, but I wouldn't want Section 8 housing in Kingwood, if I had a choice-

U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together - 1 days ago

This is why Natanyahu was worried.

Harry Reid announces retirement - 1 days ago

I'm glad to see him go- I wish he'd take Pelosi with him..

Foot Masks! - 1 days ago

So far, no blisters for me, but I definitely feel the tile more! It feels like I was wearing socks, before! Lol! No manicurist ever made my feet this soft, before- if I get blisters, I won't do it ag...

Word game........ - 2 days ago


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