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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 6 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Trump was tripping in 2003... - 13 hours ago

Trump has no filter- he's too much of a narcisscist be a diplomat, and you can't run a country without being able to work with Congress, and other countries-

Texas is 4th in best economies in the U.S.! - 14 hours ago

In an article naming the best to the worst economies in the U.S., we came in 4th- go, Texas!

New chat forums - 14 hours ago

I'm wary, too- I would like to join, but I've been hacked before, by using my IP address- I'd like to give it a little time, first-

4700 pay to watch Texans practice - 14 hours ago

It's also going to be televised, along with other NFL teams-

Keep buying from China and supporting the Chinese! They flush babies! - 14 hours ago

Recently, China changed its rules that couples are now allowed to have 2 instead of 1 child, providing each parent is an only child.

Kim's baby bump!! - 14 hours ago

Miss, it's normal for a women to gain weight and breast size while pregnant. I do agree with Tink that it's not very attractive to without a bra when you're that large-

Keep buying from China and supporting the Chinese! They flush babies! - 14 hours ago

I always wonder about that- how do they expect to continue having boys, without women?

i am so tired - 14 hours ago

Why did you remove your post and link?

i am so tired - 14 hours ago

Zapper, I have that doggie door- the problem with it is the batteries and collars are very expensive, and they go bad often- the good thing is they're bullet proof and don't open without the remote on...


That's a very real fact- there have been abortions as long as there have been pregnancies. Since Roe vs. Wade, women haven't been dying from them.

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