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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 5 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Did you know defalut at the gas station is Super Unleaded? - 1 days ago

I've forgotten before, and a prompt came up and told me to pick one-

Houston Demonstration For Israel - 1 days ago

naw.. I'd just sit there, and let them shoot up my whole family-

POLL: Do you expect everyone to declare all income? - 1 days ago

flat tax sounds like a good idea-as far as people that have worked for me, they were paid with a corp. check- I didn't follow them around to see if they paid taxes they were independent contractors- a...

chocolate/peanut butter - 1 days ago

forget the pop tarts- go right to the peanut butter and chocolate!! YUM!!

Houston Demonstration For Israel - 1 days ago

it's incredible to me that what you say is so obviously true, and people won't see it- the video with the CNN and the Ambassador said it all-

CNN poll shows Americans really wish they elected Mitt Romney instead of Obama - 3 days ago

re: the OP- I did vote republican, so my conscience is clear-

How about those cops in NY - 3 days ago

jacobson, I must say you're much more articulate, and write much more intelligently than ever before- this is not your writing style at all- I think you have a ghost writer, and it's not jl, dawson or...

Could you handle immense power? - 3 days ago

does it count that I used to own a 'vette?

The SCHS Bullies.......OUTRAGEOUS BULLYING!! - 3 days ago

BTW, it's Mommy Dearest-

The SCHS Bullies.......OUTRAGEOUS BULLYING!! - 3 days ago

whoa, notgoingtoheaven, take a chill pill! I don't know who you think I am, but I've never posted a thread on any of those subjects, and I rarely drink-you're welcome, though, for giving you an outlet...

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