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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 8 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Strange bedfellows, Rodman and the North Korea Dud - 8 days ago

Rodman considers him a friend- SMH.

Shooter-"Are these Republicans or Democrats?" - 8 days ago

This should become a catalyst for solidarity- The divide between Americans has become frightening- I can only hope and pray that people come together, as they did after 9/11.


I'm guessing she was pressured to move to Washington- not really a good choice for her son.

President Trump's Strategic Firing of Swamp Rat James Comey - 12 days ago

AMDG --- 5 hours ago - quote - hide comments Let's all hope there are tapes. However I am sceptical it will matter. We are so polarized now that evidence doesn't seem to make any difference. Kind...

President Trump's Strategic Firing of Swamp Rat James Comey - 13 days ago

When Comey said that, I got tears in my eyes- it's really all about being an American- the man is a patriot- I have to wonder what it would take for people to see Trump without the rose colored glasse...

Comey's Testimony Has Been Released. - 14 days ago

I think, after watching Comey's testomony, that he's very credible. More to come in closed session. (He explained why he told Trump he wasn't under investigation-)

This is why we have the First Amendment - 15 days ago

I think you'll find that the Germans enacted that law after the 2nd World War, because of the Holocaust.

Can the FBI really listen into your private conversations through your toaster? - 99 days ago

What's really outrageous, is that it's effective!!! LOL!

Should the masochist be iced or ignored - 99 days ago


Keeping you close to my heart, Shana Su - 99 days ago

I'm so, so sorry-

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