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I joined this crazy place on 2008-10-16, 9 years ago.

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I'm smart,beautiful and loyal to my friends!!

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Anyone missing a Husky? - 5 days ago

Let's hope not!

Anyone missing a Husky? - 6 days ago

misunderstanding, why are you yelling?

Dang! It's cold outside! - 6 days ago

I can't get enough of winter- OK, I wasn't happy when my sprinkler system froze, but summer in Houston isn't for the faint hearted! For me, it's absolute torture!

Dang! It's cold outside! - 6 days ago


Dow Jones going down fast - 8 days ago

I pretty much answered for him- you're right, the market went up under Obama. just more slowly- slower is better, with the market- nevertheless, I would be very surprised if all the gains are lost, bu...

Dow Jones going down fast - 8 days ago

Obama inherited a stock market in the toilet- it dropped in 2008- it's been going up since then- more slowly, going up. This incredible bull market had to eventually correct it's self- it's not rocket...

Trumpty is basically bald - 10 days ago

That, too!! lol

Trumpty is basically bald - 10 days ago

Wow, snarkie! That's what impresses you about Nancy Pelosi? LOL!

Dow Jones going down fast - 12 days ago

It's true the market was growing under Obama- since Trump took office, it's been going up at an unrealistic pace- anyone who's had stock for a long time expected a correction to take place- just don't...

Lawn service - 13 days ago

I'm glad you're still doing this! I'll need mulch soon! Also something to bring my grass back!

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