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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-06, 6 years ago.

» save RedMulch as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a girl. I got the name redmulch from an experience with my swimming pool and the red mulch in the beds around it. Long story short - don't put mulch near a pool. If it rains too hard you will be sorry. A few weeks after this there was a thread about a dirty pool on KU. That's when i signed up and of course picked the name Redmulch. I'm going to keep it.

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Rigos gone - 24 min ago

They have excellent happy hours, Tat. Let me know when you want to go.

RIP Justice Scalia - 27 min ago

[i]Way too convenient .......... [/i] what do you mean by that?

Rigos gone - 49 min ago

[i]Did they bring the train back? [/i] No. That might be the problem.

Rigos gone - 50 min ago

the very old Ninfa's ghost location.

RIP Justice Scalia - 52 min ago

So sorry to hear this, but we all have to go sometime. He lived a good life.

Uh oh. I Have No Valentine. - 55 min ago

Red petal plants. Roses. I'm a thinking POTUS is a gurl.

Rigos gone - 1 days ago

They were actually very good. Especially for their brunch omletes. Lunch was the usual Mexican fare Mediocre at best. They do have happy hour and bar specials. Happy hour from 2-7, but I did not n...

Rigos gone - 1 days ago

Well, maybe they are there in name, but it is under new management (ownership) I noticed that a few weeks ago when all the Mexican waiters were gone and replaced by GQ white guys. Don't take me w...

Fatality and entrapment - 2 days ago

[i]When did shoplifting become a crime where a car chase ensues? [/i] what dream world do you live in??

Fatality and entrapment - 3 days ago

Good News, LOL. Not that I want anyone to die, but at least it is not innocent people or children. Maybe he served a purpose in letting others know that crime is not the answer, and can be fatal.

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