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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-06, 6 years ago.

» save RedMulch as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a girl. I got the name redmulch from an experience with my swimming pool and the red mulch in the beds around it. Long story short - don't put mulch near a pool. If it rains too hard you will be sorry. A few weeks after this there was a thread about a dirty pool on KU. That's when i signed up and of course picked the name Redmulch. I'm going to keep it.

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Caitlyn steps out in a little black dress! - 5 min ago

that looks like kinda of a big black dress. hips not so narrow.

Do I hear Thunder - 16 min ago

no, it just flashed on and off. Enough to disconnect everything then it came back. I am working from home today so that makes it hard.

Do I hear Thunder - 21 min ago

my power just flashed off and on. That never happens in uppity SWH unless there is a full hurricane. lol

Caitlyn steps out in a little black dress! - 25 min ago

is that her/his date? or perhaps the most unlucky photo bomb ever??

Do I hear Thunder - 47 min ago

Geez. all we need are some tree frogs and we would have a Rain Forest.

Woodland Hills Questions - 2 hours ago

Good thing about Best Trash is that both pick up days are "Big trash" days. They also have recycle bins, which I have never bothered with, but lately I have become a lot more environmentally responsib...

Woodland Hills Questions - 2 hours ago

Awww thanks Gigi. I actually have a brand new neighbor(s) that moved in Sunday. May daughter has watched them out the window so much that they already think whoever lives here is a stalker.

Woodland Hills Questions - 2 hours ago

three houses have been for sale on my street very recently. One because the last owner died, one because of a job transfer and another I think was a flip job. They all sold very quickly. Another at ...

Woodland Hills Questions - 3 hours ago

Best Trash out of Rosenberg services SWH. Mine costs $51 a quarter. My water bill runs 88-100 a month.

Ugh! Another Pro ... - 5 hours ago

He has reumatoid arthritis, not plaque psoriasis. lol. I wonder if those are really his kids in that commercial?

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