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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-06, 6 years ago.

» save RedMulch as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a girl. I got the name redmulch from an experience with my swimming pool and the red mulch in the beds around it. Long story short - don't put mulch near a pool. If it rains too hard you will be sorry. A few weeks after this there was a thread about a dirty pool on KU. That's when i signed up and of course picked the name Redmulch. I'm going to keep it.

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anybody rented a truck from Home - 13 hours ago

Home Depot? I need to pick up a large item from Walmart on Northpark an I need a truck.

Forest Cove is flooding right now. - 1 days ago

I have heard about that flood. I don't think it was about rain, I think it was about the idiot floodgate keepers in Conroe. just sayin

Prayers - 1 days ago

for the young person so tragically killed on 59N this morning. They haven't released the name, but I understand he/she was about 22 years old. Flat tires on the southbound side and they went for hel...

Have you heard? Skero's is giving away Rockets Tickets! - 1 days ago

and I could use some furniture.....hmmmmmmm

POLL: Dogs or stranger? - 2 days ago

I always had a hypothetical that if myself, my ex and his daughter were on a boat and me and the daughter fell over, and if he saved me, it would mean her missing lunch, and if he saved her then I wou...

The Houston Rockets are in the NBA Semi-Finals!! - 5 days ago

they are now in the finals!!! Fear the Beard!!

Something is stirring in the religious world - 6 days ago

and hers do....I might add.

Something is stirring in the religious world - 6 days ago

Thank you Dot. I am just a human trying to help people who need to eat and live. wip is way much younger than me. She is a wonderful soul and will learn in time. You can't be all things to all ...

Sermons - 6 days ago

I knew from an early age that I didn't like them. Message is a better word.

Something is stirring in the religious world - 6 days ago

feeding someone is our religion, Dot. It's not the "religion" that you know. It is the love of Christ that drives us to help.. We don't thump Bibles and preach cause that is meaningless to to someon...

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