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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-06, 7 years ago.

» save RedMulch as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a girl. I got the name redmulch from an experience with my swimming pool and the red mulch in the beds around it. Long story short - don't put mulch near a pool. If it rains too hard you will be sorry. A few weeks after this there was a thread about a dirty pool on KU. That's when i signed up and of course picked the name Redmulch. I'm going to keep it.

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Today - 19 hours ago

[i]You turned right and then immediately got into the left lane to make a u turn? Is that what happened? [/i] No, not at all.

Brexit is a sneak peek at what Trump will do - 20 hours ago

If TX exits, does that mean I don't have to file federal taxes? Count me in.

Today - 23 hours ago

[i]Glad you're okay RM. Car accidents are scary.[/i] thanks. It is my first ever. I know you don't believe that, but it is true. It has been a very rare troublesome week.

Today - 1 days ago

[i]PITA. [/i] ?? what is a PITA? lol

Today - 1 days ago

[i]SleightOfHand --- 46 min ago - getQuotation();quote I am not sure. I think it was Humble Traffic Enforcement. That is what it said the SUV they were driving., or...

Today - 1 days ago

[i]Who got the ticket[/i] not me. I don't know if they got one or not. All I got was a case ID

Today - 1 days ago

Sorry. around 11am I may have been your traffic delay. I was at the Toyota dealership at the will clayton exit and made a right to go southbound on the feeder and make a uturn. Suddenly I heard s...

Tularosa restaurant - 2 days ago

[i]Was it Queso Blanco or Velveeta?? With Hatch Chiles perhaps?? [/i] Velveeta w/chiles

Two clowns, one circus - 2 days ago

Now that's funny. don't care who you are... Hello love!! Nice to hear from you again.

Tularosa restaurant - 2 days ago

I ate there today. pretty good. good chicken fried steak and fries and Texas toast. They duped me into some queso and chips. I thought they were offering me a sample. Turns out they charged $6 ...

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