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I joined this crazy place on 2009-05-06, 7 years ago.

» save RedMulch as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a girl. I got the name redmulch from an experience with my swimming pool and the red mulch in the beds around it. Long story short - don't put mulch near a pool. If it rains too hard you will be sorry. A few weeks after this there was a thread about a dirty pool on KU. That's when i signed up and of course picked the name Redmulch. I'm going to keep it.

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What is something you never tire of? - 4 days ago

Chardonnay. but you knew that, right? Sorry, for some reason my computer won't let me post on this site for the most part. Must be that new antivirus software I bought.

KU Needs a Name Change - 15 days ago

Lets have a KU meetup!!!

RAIN ... WooHoo! - 15 days ago

storming big time in uppity SWH

Do You Believe in Polls? - 16 days ago

[i]Unless Hillary does something incredibly stupid between now and November that could cause Trump to look like a viable option, he doesn't have a chance. And even then, he really doesn't have a chanc...

Anyone know anything about survivin Chemo? - 16 days ago

[i] My mom was an atheist, but I tried to talk to her about angels and God, and things I didn't even believe at the time- [/i] I don't see how anyone lives in this world and does not acknowledge a ...

New HEB and salad bar - 16 days ago

Kroger has craft beers. I did not notice any regular ones, but it was not on my agenda.

New HEB and salad bar - 16 days ago

Who cares???? The new Kroger at Summerwood has a WINE BAR!!

Kroger Shopping Service - 17 days ago

Summerwood Kroger has a wine bar. Forget that pickup and delivery.

Evidence of a ghost - 17 days ago

[i]Are you fracking under your house?[/i] lololol

need new roof - 17 days ago

Genisis Roofing. They did mine. Great job

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