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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-29, 8 years ago.

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Do not ever mistake my gender, my stature or the color of my hair, as a sign of weakness.

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Gelato or ice cream?? - 16 hours ago


Cutter Got rid of the MOTHS! - 4 days ago

Out of the 16 houses on my short street (it's a "U" shaped street), I am the only one that does my own lawn - the rest have lawn crews which I personally think are bringing them in from other lawns on...

Cutter Got rid of the MOTHS! - 4 days ago

Maybe I am contributing to the "cause" but I have been also been spreading fertilizer (Hydro Phos) pretty regularly. I don't see any really bad spots in my yard, but knowing that I have those stinkin'...

Cutter Got rid of the MOTHS! - 4 days ago

I sprayed the Cutter about 10 days ago. I didn't see anymore moths for about 5-6 days, then they came back. I used 2 bottles of it, 1 in the front yard and 1 in the back. I've got 2 more bottles ready...

Cutter Got rid of the MOTHS! - 4 days ago

Oh me Saturn ... three 20lb bags should kill something. I just put out 20lbs today and will spray the Cutter stuff tomorrow.

Grrrr ... dang sod webworms! - 6 days ago

[i] They @#$! moths are flying in my lawn![/i] Mine as well and there are millions of them everywhere!

Do you have a Toyota Highlander?? - 7 days ago

IMHO ... if it doesn't say Honda on it, I can't comment. :)

HELP.... need Primary physician who accepts Medicare - 10 days ago

I'm pretty sure the Memorial Hermann Clinic at/near Town Center will accept Medicare patients. I believe they currently have 2 doctors. I've not seen either one but seriously considering checking it o...

Who has Bounce Energy? - 12 days ago

Since we are back on topic, I'm also a Bounce Energy customer and have been for several years, and like Tink, I've have Platinum status for a while. I'm completely satisfied with them

Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!! - 13 days ago

Some good ol' rain. We only got 1" in BBV and I'll take every drop of it. Hopefully more later on.

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