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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-29, 7 years ago.

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Do not ever mistake my gender, my stature or the color of my hair, as a sign of weakness.

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HaHaHa - City of Houston Water Dept. - 15 hours ago

[i]Nothing brings as much pleasure as sticking it to them.[/i] Yup!

Texas License Plate - 16 hours ago

[i]Yes he can :) He has helped us a lot.[/i] Then why are you asking here? Let your uncle help yoy.

HaHaHa - City of Houston Water Dept. - 17 hours ago

I've gotten 3" of rain in BBV, so far over the weekend so I won't have to turn on the sprinklers for maybe a week! ($$$$)

Weird looking dragon flies??? - 4 days ago

THAT'S them! Thanks Prolix ... I did google and looked at many, many pictures and never found them.

Weird looking dragon flies??? - 4 days ago

I've got a ton of these weird looking things all over my back yard. They won't let you get close - they fly away. The head is black, the tail is white, the wings start out from the body with just ...

Hello! Cindy - don't stay long - 5 days ago

From the Chronicle: "The weather system heading towards the Texas coast officially has a name - Tropical Storm Cindy. As the storm approaches the Texas-Louisiana coasts, forecasters are closer...

Plumber - 6 days ago

Alpha Omega

Is it just me? - 6 days ago

[i]Taylor from KW Air Solutions came out[/i] Taylor is the one that usually comes out to check my HVAC systems. I think Mikey trained him so he probably knows what he is talking about ... besides, ...

So ... what is your prediction? - 6 days ago

[i]I'd settle for a good, hard RAIN.[/i] I don't know about a good hard rain but a nice slow, soaking rain would sure be nice.

Screen name " Sdanielmcev" is NOT Dan Stanton - 6 days ago

[i]SO you blame the confusion created by individuals on this "lame" forum and penalize the hadnyman? [/i] I'm not blaming anyone ... just confused. Hard to determine who is right???

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