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Shellstation - 1 days ago

From the other Kingwood site: "After the motorcyclist crashed, the Montgomery police officer "had to shoot him" - shot him twice. According to the live video, he is deceased."

Shellstation - 1 days ago

I guess that explains the helicopter activity at/near the front of Kingwood toward 56.

Fiber in Kingwood? - 7 days ago

[i]Broadband prices may double in the near future[/i] Yup!

Fiber in Kingwood? - 7 days ago

[i] Suddenlink was bought out by Altice and they say they will upgrade nearly all of their customers to 10 gigabit fiber to the home [/i] And guess who will be paying for the upgrade??? All too ...

Lost Money Clip - 8 days ago

Any particular idea of where it was lost?

Astros! - 8 days ago

How 'bout dem Astros! Can they take it all the way?

Kingwood housing market - 9 days ago

[i]So glad I sold that place when I did... [/i] I just have to ask jackass - did the house flood that you sold?

Anyone have a really high water bill since Harvey? - 10 days ago

To add to the confusion of drainage fee charges, from the CoH water department: [b]Explanation of my Drainage Utility Charge [/b] All charges are based on the square footage of actual impervious...

Anyone have a really high water bill since Harvey? - 10 days ago

[i]I figured the drainage would run up the bill[/i] Tat, the drainage of rain water should not make your water bill increase ... the rates are based on the measured amount of water that came throug...

Anyone have a really high water bill since Harvey? - 10 days ago

I kinda' expect a higher than normal bill since the large amount of rain and some winds, my meter sits right by a huge sweet gum tree that did some rockin' and rollin' during the storm and it managed ...

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