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I can't stand it!!!!

who's talking here?

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TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

I am riddled with allergies and have a bad rash from a mosquito bite, but I can't stay out of this gorgeous weather!!! I have to be in it! While up North some are still getting snow, aren't we lucky to live here?! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 343 days ago -

Ditto! It?s the loveliest of Spring Days...warm but not hot, sunny with a breeze too! 

Butterbean --- 343 days ago -

Double up your over the counter allergy meds and get out amongst 'em. 

DVaz --- 343 days ago -

Hoston Pollen & Mold Counts 

Gigix4 --- 343 days ago -

Love ... love ... love being outside. The weather is gorgeous but I can only spend about 1/3 of the time actually digging around. The rest of the time is spent sneezing, blowing my nose or scratching skeeter bites. 

Saturn --- 343 days ago -

Neither mosquitoes, nor allergies are bothering me this year.

It's nasty little no see ums I can't stand. 

Miss Understanding --- 343 days ago -

I have not an allergy! 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 343 days ago -

I'm sneezing a little but nothing terrible, no itchy eyes or runny nose, 1 Claritan works pretty good most of the time.
I've been biking around town and the Honeysuckle is off the hook this year. It smells so beautiful just about everywhere now, even on the streets like Northpark. Mother Nature, I thank you! Lol 

TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

You're smelling ligustrum bushes/trees. They are in full bloom right now. 

Gigix4 --- 343 days ago -

You're smelling ligustrum bushes/trees.

The smell from ligustrums is so stinkin' sweet, it gives me a headache. I try to cut the blooms off of mine as soon as I can. 

SagaciousSighFiGurl (Mod) --- 343 days ago -

I was wrong Tink but it's Jasmine I've been smelling!

TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

I'm highly allergic to Jasmine. Love the fragrance though. I was given a handful of jasmine from my Dh's nephew, then 3 years old. I was overly dramatic, stuck my nose in the bouquet and took a big whiff. I puffed up, eyes watered and I suffered for 3 days! 

TinktheSprite --- 343 days ago -

I am all caught up on my Spring yard cleaning. So I just buy more flowers to plant just for the excuse to be outside. I do have one more deck board to replace. 

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