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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 6 years ago.

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Some people will show you what love is, and some will show you what love isn't.

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Starting to get a little noisy outside - 3 hours ago

We are getting some rain now! My pond is about to be too full, lol!

housing info? - 6 days ago

The Oaks are the best value in Kingwood. They are reasonable and not corporation owned and operated. An individual in California ownes the complex and he and the on site staff run it. I'm not sure...

Debating for charity - 7 days ago

Don't call yourself a troll!

Debating for charity - 7 days ago

C'mon Soup, let's see some of your stuff!

Debating for charity - 8 days ago

Your live streams are relatively well known? How about you post one for us??

Happy Mother's Day! - 9 days ago

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there! We are a special breed of love and thoughtfulness and mindfulness of what really matters. Our love is selfless. It cares more about that child or childre...

Are You A Woman Who Uses Uber?? - 10 days ago

"Ok wait. How did this go from Uber Safety to Politics and jabs?? You guys are the WORST" They don't care. The unquenchable need for attention is a bottomless pit. Normal people would be embara...

Got my last mosquito bite - 11 days ago

I use it too Tink. It worked well. It makes me mad if I can't sit out by my pond bc pests are being pests! lol

Got my last mosquito bite - 11 days ago

There's a new service now, Mosquito Joe! It's a monthly spray service that really knocks them out. It's $60 a month tho. :(

Are You A Woman Who Uses Uber?? - 11 days ago

Uber is the new age taxi service. It's all done through smart phone application. That includes ordering your pick and paying for it so you don't need cash. You open an account and do it all through t...

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