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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 7 years ago.

» save SagaciousSighFiGurl as my FRIEND - HOSER

Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Remember word games? - 1 hours ago


Remember word games? - 2 days ago


Remember word games? - 2 days ago


Give it up grandma... - 3 days ago

How about you worry about yourself (and all your alts??) lol

Justin Thoreau has moved on! - 3 days ago

Oh brother. Yep I guess black people date. Lol

KU is awful quiet with certain people in the icebox - 3 days ago

If I was you, I'd be getting some treatment for your bitterness and hate and the problem you have with black people. Lol

Give it up grandma... - 3 days ago

Is asking a question a personal attack? SMH AND LOL. WEAK

Remember word games? - 4 days ago


Harris County Appraisals - 4 days ago

" until the sand mining ceases and the river is dredged, our home values have without a doubt decreased regardless of current home sales. I am protesting on that basis and I suggest you do the same." ...

Give it up grandma... - 4 days ago

Oh please, she isn't a Grandmother. Lol. But she's stayed active and in shape! What kind of shape are YOU in? I hope she kicks butt. #NeverToOld

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