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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 8 years ago.

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Just a heads up for the women here - 1 days ago

Mark,you can be against people having arms but the reason you stated isn’t based in reality. Unless you’re participating in the commission of a crime, how are you in danger in that scenario? You’...

Just a heads up for the women here - 1 days ago

"Fear, outrage, theories and talk" That's what humans do. It's natural and can lead to conversations about solutions. You are talking about people's SOULS here. It's a spiritual issue that de...

Jussie Smollett..... - 1 days ago

I blame tv and the Internet. We were ALL much happier when we couldn't see inside the hearts and minds of all these people in the news. Tune out, don't tune in. LOL Now waiting for him to assi...

More Trump #winning. More leftist talking point #losing - 2 days ago

Well, I have to ask....while this makes him look good, what real effect is this going to have in other countries and nations that probably hate him? Lol

Just a heads up for the women here - 2 days ago

I saw the Crime blotter report. It says ADULT SEXUAL ASSAULT w/ PENETRATION.

Just a heads up for the women here - 3 days ago

[url=]best guns for women[/url]

Just a heads up for the women here - 3 days ago

I guess it's time to arm up? I don't believe in fear. And it has NO place in my life. But the reality is, women are targets. And we aren't as physically strong as the men who chose to assault, rape,...

Shootings in Cancun again - 4 days ago

But the tacos are better off the beaten path LOL.

Violent trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman in Texas - 4 days ago

.."oh let's incarcerate him for having a differing opinion" Right. It's not the insults and constant rude mean behavior. It's his differing opinion. That's why everyone with a differing opinio...

It's over. - 4 days ago

Over and DONE.

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