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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 7 years ago.

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Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 1 hours ago

"Generally it's called a bottom. There's nowhere to go but up" Not true, they die, a lot. Life is a gift. Smart people know that and act like it matters.

Why did we not pick our own cotton? - 3 hours ago

I was busy picking polyester.

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 3 hours ago

Those of us that lived with drunks or drug addicts KNOW what we're dealing with. Ever read Adult Children of Alcoholics ? There is no good reason why they should get more empathy than the innocent ...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 6 hours ago

Butterbean are you saying people don?t have the right to be angry, sad, hurt and whatever?? Explain why all the sympathy and empathy in the world doesn?t work the vast majority of the time, if it...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 9 hours ago

Here's the bottom line. If anyone has fought this issue in their lives, there's a pattern that occurs commonly. And that is what i call the "Mommy Response." The Mommy Response is that guttural drive...

Would it even matter? - 9 hours ago

Trump die hards, even women, didn't even flinch when he said " grab em by the P....", completely disgusting behavior. This is the us against them mentality. People WANT their side to win come he...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 1 days ago

Empathy is understanding. Sympathy is feeling bad, sad or whatever in conjunction with anothers plight. I'll admit, there's been times both have broken my heart. Neither did any good, except I kne...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 1 days ago

Does empathy help a drug addict? How? My first instinct is always empathy. But I see the truth. It doesn't actually help them. There's nitching wrong with being understanding. But for how long? How...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 1 days ago

" How do you explain the millions of Christians that are addicts? They believe in your version of god. They have grown up in Christianity. Yet they still smoke, drink, have sex outside of their mar...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 1 days ago

"Nobody wins" What is he not telling? And that's true but you know what the difference is? One of the parties made a choice to ruin their own lives and in the process, their decision destroyed f...

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