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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 7 years ago.

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Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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And turning the AC OFF!! Fresh cool air instead!! Yay!

worrying stuff from kids these days - 1 days ago

Wow look at all the new names!! Hey Y'all!! Most HS kids don't even know American history much, I'm kinda surprised they find communism interesting. Lol

Liberal-socialists, please respond... - 1 days ago

Coming on here and calling people slime is a Drama pot stirring tactic/ ploy to start trouble. Are We really now going to use these tactics in a supposed mature convo? Yeah, nope...

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 3 days ago

The entire casting couch dynamic was created by powerful men in Hollywood. They know they dictate who gets the job and who doesn't. That's called POWER. This whole issue is about power, as I've said n...

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 4 days ago

Harvey Weinstein solicited HER for oral sex in exchange for a job. That's called the casting couch and men like him use it and profit from it. She should have spit in his face.

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 4 days ago

? Maybe its because they are not reported for a variety of reasons. Boys/Men are at risk of false accusations. It happens all the time. Just visit with any corporate HR. ? All the time?? Not wh...

123 Missing kids Recovered in Sex Trafficking Sweep - 4 days ago

In one day. Unbelievable. One day[url=]Michigan sex traffic sweep[/url]

Man accused and arrested for using dating app to rape women - 4 days ago

[url=]date rape[/url] Please be careful when using dating apps. Police warned that in this ...

Weinstein Went To A Whole Nother Level - 4 days ago'Last month when Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with accusations that Kavanaugh attacked her in high school, breaking her silence after many years, people used Twitter to share the m...

Too bad you people don't care about the Texans! - 7 days ago

?......done with the NFL? OMG that?s like me being done with chocolate!!!

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