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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 9 years ago.

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Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Porter Wagoneer Lives! - 240 days ago

I guess you see dead people?? LOL

Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide - 1 years ago

“....suicide watch are literally checked every 15 min” He was taken off suicide watch awhile ago. So no 15 min check ins

Why we have the second amendment. - 1 years ago

Freedom has always presented a dilemma considering the evil among us...Some people abuse freedom... Most don’t, thankfully. We have a “condition” in society now where some mentally ill people are se...

Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide - 1 years ago

Idk, are people serious about blaming Hillary? LOL In prison, even amongst a criminal element, child rapists, traffickers and molesters are considered the bottom wrung of scum and it’s not unusua...

Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide - 1 years ago

Wow, I'm shocked I have to say I Didn't expect that. But when you open your life up to, and participate in, human abuse especially of children, you bring a scourge upon yourself. Evil has no mercy. ...

Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 1 years ago

I consider it spam when those huge memes distort the entire thread and you can't even read it without resizing the page. Also, you post the same stuff over and over and over. We all know how you feel ...

Ilhan Omar Grateful? You decide. - 1 years ago

Keep in mind the big picture. The post is one of a zillion by someone who very clearly has an agenda on here and seeks out posts that bolster that. We see this daily on here, if nothing else, people o...

20 dead, 26 injured El Paso - 1 years ago

It's ok, don't bust your butt thinking too hard lol

20 dead, 26 injured El Paso - 1 years ago

Now "white supremacist" refers to all these young male mass murderers? Which ONES actually were white supremacist? Facts only please. Me thinks lots of this is nothing more than bait to get the ...

Spiderman at Kingwood Dr and WLHP today - 1 years ago

He's a cool guy who wanted to encourage people. Need more people like him who can see spirituality is in a crisis state now. Laws are never going to fix that.

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