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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-02, 5 years ago.

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Senior citizen. College and school of hard knocks educated.KW since late 70s.

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Unhinged - 237 days ago

I'm done. I'm probably the only poster who actually owns copyrights.

Unhinged - 237 days ago

The old selection process continues: Pence went about assembling transition vice chairmen, loyal Trump people including General Michael Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Newt Gingrich, and Rudy Giuliani-all wh...

Unhinged - 237 days ago

The rocky transition road: The presidential transition, mandated by law, is a critical time for any incoming administration. It sets the tone for the years to come, in style and in staffing. When O...

Unhinged - 237 days ago

[i]No interest in the book? Avoid the thread.?[/i]

Unhinged - 237 days ago

[i]No interest in the book? Avoid the thread.[/i]

Unhinged - 237 days ago

"The tumult and the shouting dies; the Captains and the Kings depart"-Kipling: Donald Trump's first order of business as president-elect was to travel to Washington, DC, and meet with President Oba...

Kavanaugh - 238 days ago

My family was on vacation in another country and were confronted by a man exposing himself. I was on a beach in the states and a man exposed himself to beachgoers. I spent many occasions on a clothing...

Unhinged - 238 days ago

[i]I wonder if you got permission to reprint the book? [/i] No interest in the book? Avoid the thread.

Unhinged - 239 days ago

The personal high: And I was right there with him. It was just unbelievable, a thrilling moment for me. It was a rush, a surge of adrenaline. And it was emotional, the culmination of everything...

Unhinged - 239 days ago

Election day night: We had our eyes peeled on key battleground states-in particular, Florida and my home state of Ohio. Traditionally, if you win Ohio and Florida, you win the presidency, so wh...

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