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I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-02, 4 years ago.

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Senior citizen. College and school of hard knocks educated.KW since late 70s.

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Kingwood History Help - 4 hours ago

Just checked historical imagery on Google Earth. It shows 1988 imagery. Edited to 1988.

Kingwood History Help - 4 hours ago

There were no bridges over US59, only grade level crossings. A train derailed at KW Dr. Trains would sometimes sit for a VERY long time and block both KW and Hamblin Rd. crossings. Lotsa complaints ab...

GOP Healthcare bill is dead, again - 4 hours ago

Give it any name you wish. Fix what's broke. Maybe even single payer system, although I think that's highly unlikely.

Trump throws insults. Washington Post throws numbers - 4 hours ago

Game on. [url=]Geaux Trump[/url]

Republican Defining Choice - you can stand for the Republic or you can stand for the President - 5 hours ago

Give it a go! [url=]Trump game[/url]

New game in town - 5 hours ago

Bump for the game players. It's fun!

More Russian connection - 14 hours ago

[i]So you are following the Trump family money. Good luck with that. [/i] I'm not doing anything.

Kingwood History Help - 14 hours ago

Where Walnut dead ends into Trailwood, the first houses built in KW are on the left, backing up to the drainage ditch. They were used to establish the utility district for Kingwood. I'm thinking 4 or ...

More Russian connection - 1 days ago

[i]What are they investigating? [/i] Don't know, Emp. They have VERY wide latitude. Todays side bar may be tomorrow's main focus. I love a good puzzle; don't you?

Poll: Just 6% of Americans Say Russia Story is Important - 1 days ago

[i]The whole purpose of this investigation is NOT to find anything but to stop the President from getting anything done. [/i] It seems that the President is more than capable of that himself.

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