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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 5 years ago.

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Directly from the MOD page: - 11 hours ago

Y'all are Big Babies! Seriously. It's a FORUM! pffft!

GOT - 13 hours ago

They have a thing between brother and sister so what's new about Aunt and ba$tard nephew?

Gelato or ice cream?? - 13 hours ago

Gimme the fat in real ice cream. I love all flavors but I do like a great vanilla. Rootbeer is the best. My favorite! Rootbeer floats ROCK!

"If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Serious - 20 hours ago

Translation: "I can do what I want because money will buy everything."

GOT - 20 hours ago

Did I detect a slight spark between Jon and Danni?? They get my vote! Cersei has lost it!! (Hormones will do that) Jamie had better watch his back!

GOT - 2 days ago

I'm going to watch last week's episode all over again! Whooo Hooooooo! DRAGONS!

I just booked a CRUISE! - 3 days ago

Did he get the Noro Virus?

I just booked a CRUISE! - 3 days ago

He should have gone on a real cruise!

Don't Let Your Friends Down - 3 days ago


I just booked a CRUISE! - 3 days ago

All those stories are turue! There are diseases on ships, planes, and everywhere you go in the US and the world. Beware!

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