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^That. Stick to Urgent Care facilities (NextCare). They patch you up, take care of pain etc., temporarily, and send you immediately to your own dictor. The others are full service Minor Emergency H...

Happy Mother's Day! - 9 days ago

Enjoy your day! It's gorgeous outside!!

66 Ways to protect your privacy - 11 days ago


Are You A Woman Who Uses Uber?? - 11 days ago

Ok wait. How did this go from Uber Safety to Politics and jabs?? You guys are the WORST!

Inexpensive Wedding Venue - 11 days ago

I don't remember the price. DD got married at Nathaniel Center. They have moveable walls that can make your venue as large or as cozy as you want. It was a la cart at the time. They provided all or ju...

Got my last mosquito bite - 11 days ago

Cutter Backyard Bug Control Spray (not the fogger) is really good. Took me 30 mins to use my hose and spray the whole property. 2 bottles, less than $20. Lasts 2-3 months.

Got my last mosquito bite - 11 days ago

At least I hope so! Just sprayed the dickens out of my front and backyard, fence, hardscape,door and window frames, Greenbelt, lawn furniture anything that was outside with Cutter Backyard Spray. I g...

Are You A Woman Who Uses Uber?? - 11 days ago

I didn't know about Uber car description/knowing names etc. Good post. I've never needed Uber but wonder how it works? Can someone walk me through the steps so if I ever need a ride I can do it safely...

I forgot to mention the Houston Rockets - - 11 days ago

They pretty much sucked last night. So much potential there. IDK if they know how to motivate them?? They were sluggish.

Policemen standing in the middle of the road! - 11 days ago

I speed there now that the road is wide and 2 lanes. Thanks for the heads up!

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