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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 6 years ago.

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Use Your Imagination - 12 hours ago

Joelle, you look like Snow White in my head.

Medical Marijuana? - 12 hours ago

[i]Everyone will want to jump on the bandwagaon and ruin what might be good for a select group. [/i] Sort of like opiate use? You should see the hoops we have to jump through to get oxicodon for m...

Town center? - 14 hours ago

On another note, I was in Town Center this afternoon. Patrons were enjoying food on the patio from Chachi's food truck amidst the sound of saws and hammering from nearby businesses. Main Street will r...

Use Your Imagination - 18 hours ago

Do you have your own visual image of KU Members from their posts?? The ones you haven't met, of course. I do! And some of you are not so nice looking, I must say!

Why Do You Have To Cook After Working All Day??? - 18 hours ago

Well, you're not on FB either! "We couldn't find anything for Lea Courr" Or maybe I am not looking right. Just get your FB page going and send us a link, please?

Happiness - 18 hours ago

I like to be happy. But in general I think I am a positive person, making life work for me. I know what makes me unhappy and I try my best to avoid that and those who make me unhappy. Denial helps me ...

Wasp Problem - 18 hours ago

Guess what Wasp like to eat?? Sod Webworms!! That's right. They love those little buggers. But of course wasp can be dangerous especially if you are allergic to their painful sting.

Why Do You Have To Cook After Working All Day??? - 2 days ago

What is your FB name? I searched From My Kitchen to Yours and found someone in Illinois, Ohio, Natural foods, and recipe sharing.

Entrance to KW@KW Dr Closed - 2 days ago

Due to police chase fatality.

Shellstation - 2 days ago

5-car police chase entered Kw Dr from 59. Stolen motorcycle wrecked (or stopped) at the New Shell station at Chestnut Ridge and KW Dr. and the guy ran on foot, pulled a gun, officers fired back killin...

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