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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 5 years ago.

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Where's the rain? - 1 days ago

I was away for 10 days and the lawn got long. But that's ok. Mine's up to 4". Summer height! I love the lush look of long grass and keeps the watering and weeds down. I totally get the passion of ...

The cold front is here! - 1 days ago

It's a little chilly outside!! Wow!

Where's the rain? - 1 days ago

The timer is broken on my sprinkler. I need to get on it. My neighbor's say they don't like to fertilize because it makes grass grown and they don't want to mow often. So not true! It will continue...

Where's the rain? - 1 days ago

I put down the quick green up stuff back in Feb. Yes, it works like a charm to get the grass strong enough to choke out the weeds. Between that and the ore-emergent, Ive kept most weeds away. Only th...

Curb painter contact needed - 1 days ago

Is this the guy with the florescent fliers taped to your door who takes/cashes your check then never shows up to paint? We had ours done by a guy who rides a bike around Kingwood. He did an outst...

Where's the rain? - 1 days ago

Mowed early then put down some Nitro Phos 19-4-something, slow release. I watered in the side section then waited for the rain on the bigger front section. Nope! The good news is the sprinkler head w...

Diet Sodas, no Bueno - 1 days ago

[i] think it is cancelled out by not drinking sugary drinks.[/i] ^^^^This

I'm kinda liking this wet spring - 2 days ago

Kinda felt like summer today. What was it? 87?

Most Millennials Are Finding It Hard to Transition Into Adulthood - 2 days ago

We didn't raise my kids to be typical Millennials. It's not their fault they were born into a generation of those who expect things given to them. We couldn't afford to hand over greenbacks when they ...

Diet Sodas, no Bueno - 2 days ago

Kroger has the best "Real" butter price for single purchase. It is in a big 1# chunk, not cut into sticks called Psst Butter $2.99, salted butter only vs $3.69 for Kroger butter sticks. Or $10 for 4 p...

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