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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 6 years ago.

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ATA Fatal Teen Intoxication Car Accident - 27 days ago

So sad. This happens far too often. SMH 16 and 17 year old teen girls dead. 17 year old driver charged with intoxicated manslaughter. His life has been changed forever.

My Stint As A Misphit - 27 days ago

A new laptop?! Your reward for doing time in the Slammer. My laptop is old. But wired in and flies like the best of them.

"Surreal" - 27 days ago

The season's most overused word: "Surreal" say: 'sir-reel'

When to take your Social Security. - 32 days ago

Thinking aloud with the numbers presented. By the time that 62 year old who collects Early SS would have collected $336K in 8 years. The worker who collected at age 67 collects $180K in 3 years, both...

Are you prepared to be HOT?! - 32 days ago

Im allergic to African Dust and didn't know it until this year. My eye keep watering. So just my right eye is allergic? I was out detailing the car until I ran out of shade. HOT! (But the car looks go...

Whoopi is a TOTAL waste of oxygen! - 32 days ago

'I don't think I'd want a disease like Derangement Syndrome named after me', as Seth Meyers said. 'It's like Syphilis was not named "Steve's Disease'.

Are you prepared to be HOT?! - 33 days ago

Long hot weekend ahead. And here you thought it was already hot? Can't wait for August!

me & putin are one - 33 days ago

Much improvement on the man hair.

When to take your Social Security. - 33 days ago

My definition of "The Golden Years" does not include working my arse off until age 70 and have planned accordingly.

What?s worse? Stubbornness, stupidity or pride? - 34 days ago

Pride makes one stubborn and that's stupid.

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