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See the Eclipse from any part of the US - 1 days ago

[url=]Solar Eclipse Interactive Map[/url] Looks like Kingwood's view of the eclipse will be at 1:15 local time. It will look like another...

So ... where to find Eclipse sunglasses in the Kingwood area? - 1 days ago

[url=]CLICK HERE Homemade Eclipse Viewers[/url]

So ... where to find Eclipse sunglasses in the Kingwood area? - 1 days ago

When I was a kid, we used a shoe box with a hole poked into the lid. Why do you want to take a chance you bought cheapo non- NASA Approved (ISC-or something?)glasses (and NO your Ray Bans won't protec...

is there a Quiznos in town center? - 2 days ago

Yelp says 532 Kingwood Dr Humble, TX 77339 BUT, there's nothing there on Maps.

Movie Fans! This deal is for you!! - 2 days ago

Thought about this one. We'd need to buy 2 passes so about $20 for them. We usually go on off hours because it's less crowded and cheaper. Calculated that we'd have to go to the movies 3 times a month...

Humble Photo Enforcement Program - 2 days ago

Sorry. It's a baaaad intersection for that to the point people don't even turn right after they've stopped at the red light as the camera will catch you r=turning right on red. Yeah, it's racket.

KHS sophomores parking - 2 days ago

I don't think there is enough to park the Seniors and Juniors at the school let alone the Sophomores.

CORAL SNAKE!! - 2 days ago


CORAL SNAKE!! - 2 days ago

I have the photo of the perp. Every time I look at it it seems to get longer! At least with the color pattern it is easy to spot. And yes, it was really scared of me.I'd like to think it ran away into...

CORAL SNAKE!! - 2 days ago

I saw the snake and couldn't remember the dammnn rhyme! I had my phone so I took photos of it to compare with Google. Red touched yellow. It was a 20" long venomous Coral Snake that hospitals no lon...

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