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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 7 years ago.

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Robert Kraft - 57 days ago

It must be very difficult to live with the effects of testosterone and a very fragile male ego at times. Then after you supposedly successfully adjust to life and society to have those testosterone l...

50% of Americans have an IQ of 100... - 58 days ago

100 is considered an Average IQ in the US. More than half of the US are below average. That explains a lot to me. sigh School up, People!

Robert Kraft - 58 days ago

I'll never understand the entitlement attitude and the almighty actions of some men, including the attitude and behavior of men on KU.

Plane Crash - 58 days ago

A Boeing 767 crashed today in Trinity Bay near Beaumont. It was a Cargo plane, atlas air run by Amazon. All three pilots on board died. Trinity Bay is shallow, known for duck hunting. The plane prac...

Robert Kraft - 60 days ago

Discuss. (New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution, South Florida police said Friday. Kraft is among more than 200 people, police s...

Just a heads up for the women here - 62 days ago

Sad. It's a beautiful park. I walked the trails there for 3 hours 2 days before. I sat on a bench and had a light lunch. Creep had better not run into me! All my anger towards every creepy man will be...

Shootings in Cancun again - 65 days ago

4 Dead. Find another place to vacation! [url=]http...

Butterflies LOSE - 71 days ago

Can we EVER have a decent grown kind of conversation here? Ever? Grow up, Boys!

Butterflies LOSE - 74 days ago

Butterflies, People! This thread is about the BUTTERFLIES!

Butterflies LOSE - 75 days ago

A recent report found that the Eastern population of the monarch butterflies in North America is still suffering from long-term population decline. If the trend continues, the iconic monarch butterfli...

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