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Butterflies LOSE - 18 days ago

2of9Lorri Burnett photographed equipment used for the beginnings of border wall construction at the National Butterfly Center on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019.Photo: Courtesy, Lorri Burnett 3of9Lorri Burnett ...

Accident at the Northpark/59 NB Ramp - anyone know anything? - 18 days ago

Very sad!

Estimate for 3D Design / Printing Job - 18 days ago

Its a simple 9" measuring device resemblinga standard ruler with notches, spike markers and a 1/8" hole. It probably can be done if you know STL. Do you have a 3D printer? How much do you charge for ...

Estimate for 3D Design / Printing Job - 19 days ago

I need an estimate to design a small ruler with very specific markings etc., for 3 D printing. Who does that kind of work locally? How much per hour etc..?

Any update on shooting at AHS? - 20 days ago

He was bragging about it on facebook or somewhere.

Any update on shooting at AHS? - 20 days ago

They caught the shooter.

Wilbur Ross - Total Idiot... - 25 days ago

"Let them eat cake!" mentality.

Second Baptist North Food Collection Saturday - 27 days ago

Who benefits? Probably Dan Crenshaw since he has his name and face on posters all over this event. J/k but I don't feel the need to answer this question seriously.

CAVES UNDER PRESSure - 27 days ago

Do you think non paid Federal Workers are liking non payment, working overtime and being short staffed? One day, just one day NY airports slowed down due to ATC understaffing. Now they know what they...

AETBA - 27 days ago

"Any Excuse To Be Angry" Is that you?? Looking for things just to be angry? Looking for excuses to yell at someone? Looking for reasons to yell angrily at an TV show that YOU chose to watch? Choos...

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