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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 7 years ago.

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Christmas presents - 1 days ago

I remember I got a yellow 3 piece pant suit. I was so stoked! Mom made all our clothes. Or she would give us money to make our own clothes which we did often. To get something store-bought was really ...

Life's a series of hard lessons, and a few pleasures! - 3 days ago

Ahhhh Our pets! One of the best pleasures in my life!

Why, oh why - 3 days ago

I start wrapping as soon as I have gifts to wrap so that I don't have a pile to do all at once. THEN DH started wrapping stocking stuffers! UGH But seeing how he never had stocking gifts as a kid, I g...

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 3 days ago

The woman was about 35. Not that Alzheimer's is not possible at 35 but she was only confused because we were all explaining to her where her cart went (also part of her confusion) and she didn't seem ...

California May Start to TAX Text messages - 4 days ago

They tax everything in Cali!

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 4 days ago

Lines are never fair when someone doesn't play fair, cut inline, hold a space for others etc.. Studies show we don't mind waiting in line(picture Disney) as long as we feel it's a fair line.

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 4 days ago

I was shocked that she had been gone through one transaction already and I was about to start my own. The cashier says it happens all the time? I would never think to do that! I have forgotten stuff ...

Life's a series of hard lessons, and a few pleasures! - 5 days ago

I get laughter and pleasure out of the silliest and simplest things. They keep me sane in an all too serious and complicated world.

the highlight nightmare - 5 days ago

You owe them nothing more.

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 5 days ago

In line at Kroger. I wondered why the man in front of me didn't take all of his groceries. Or assumed it needed to be rung up separately. No. He walked away. Seems a lady unloaded most of her order on...

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