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Time to leave HEB

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dawg --- 137 days ago -

Just found out that this morning, the Kingwood HEB released the beloved Lou James that made all customers feel like family and made all children want to go to HEB.

I am now asking all customers that knew and Loved Lou to shop elsewhere, since our local HEB cannot show any compassion or empathy for the long time employee that is also currently fighting Cancer. 

TinktheSprite --- 137 days ago -

Lou has been allowed to come in to work whenever he "felt like it" for some time now. He was using a shopping cart to walk around, and basically sat down the while tie he was there.

While I applaud HEB for their generous work offer to Lou, I am sure that wrecked havoc on their scheduling of personnel not knowing if he would show up to work or not. Wishing Lou all the best. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 136 days ago -

Absolutely. Thanks for the facts. I spoke to Lou everytime I was there. 

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