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What a blessing!!!!!

who's talking here?

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OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

Trump Furious That Another Baby Is Getting All the Attention

The President is reportedly 'seething with envy' and 'furious' that another baby is suddenly getting all the attention, White House aides have confirmed. 

This is why this place is dying. A nonpolitical thread was turned into politics. Why do they always have to do this? It isn't funny or clever or whatever you think it is JB. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

On the subject of the thread, I saw the Prince and he is beaming and a proud father. I wonder what they will name it. 

TinktheSprite --- 1 years ago -

Babies are wonderful!! 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

Yes they are! 

a845652uu --- 1 years ago -

I love the bambinos especially so. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 1 years ago -

Ain't it cute when an Alt responds to their own post because their original poster ID is in the cooler! 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

It's normal on this site. 

Miss Understanding --- 1 years ago -


OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

I'm not sure I like Archie. Just my opinion. 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 1 years ago -

I'm American. I could not care less about some un-elected monarchs'kid. 

esquala --- 1 years ago -

Emperor of Kingwood --- 10 min ago - quote - hide comments
I'm American. I could not care less about some un-elected monarchs'kid

First of all "un-elected monarch" is as big an oxymoron as "Humble, Texas".

Second of all:


OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -


Emperor of Kingwood --- 1 years ago -

un-elected monarch is not an oxymoron. However, I can see were Humble, Texas would be. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 1 years ago -

Still, I thought the bady was cute. 

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