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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 4 years ago.

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Hi, family just moved here from 29 psalms - 25 min ago

Great hunting at East End Park. Year round open season on loose dogs.

O.J. Granted Parole - 37 min ago

[i]And do what, kill them? I didn't know he was suicidal. [/i] See below: sar·casm /?sär?kaz?m/ noun noun: sarcasm; plural noun: sarcasms the use of irony to mock or conve...

Article of Impeachment introduced - 38 min ago

Witch hunts have no time frame.

helicopter - 18 hours ago

[i]Sounds like the true story has not yet been revealed.[/i] Sounds like a 14 yr old addict broke into someone's house and got shot.

helicopter - 18 hours ago

copy/paste mo betta

helicopter - 18 hours ago Who drops off their 14 yr old daughter at 4 or 5 in the morning to get in a car with a total stranger "down t...

O.J. Granted Parole - 18 hours ago

His first order of business is to pursue the real killers.

O.J. Granted Parole - 19 hours ago

Off to make millions more in book deals, talk shows and reality shows; not a penny of which will go towards the Brown/Goldman families and their civil suit judgment.

helicopter - 20 hours ago

Nope, never been a cop, although I have the utmost respect for those that are. There's a few bad apples, but overall they are honorable people in a mostly thankless, dangerous line of work. As far...

helicopter - 20 hours ago

Joe hates whitey and guns. His narrative is complete.

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