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Prolix Raconteur

I joined this crazy place on 2013-07-19, 4 years ago.

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No taking children from parents!!! - 5 min ago

Not necessarily. As I've said, all media outlets are agenda driven anymore. It was simply a retort to joe blows tired and worn out "faux news" reference, which is obviously an organization with it's o...

Children Crying at Border - 9 min ago

So now you contend people are dying and being abused? You really believe ICE is putting kids into cages? Note that a chain link divider does not constitute a "cage". It's called a detention center bec...

Children Crying at Border - 57 min ago

No, I really don't, because they're not being "put in cages". It's a bunch of faux hysteria and virtue signaling. Nobody is dying or being abused and eventually the families are reunited or kids foste...

Watch Peter Strzok Bring Down The Mueller Investigation - 1 hours ago

He, along with quite a few others, corrupted 2 investigations, ruining any credibility they may have had.

No taking children from parents!!! - 1 hours ago

[i]LMFAO at the crap you all perpetuate from Faux Lies. [/i] According to NBC there is no way to tell if the accompanying adults are actual parents or coyotes paid to pretend to be their parents, w...

Children Crying at Border - 1 hours ago

[i]They hold onto "PRO-LIFE" but don't give two craps about a child being put in a cage. [/i] Neither do the democrats unless it's productive political fodder and faux hysteria before the midterms....

No taking children from parents!!! - 5 hours ago

[i]Those children were unaccompanied minors. [/i] Many were. Many were not. Your gross generalizations only weaken your pathetically agenda driven posts.

Mike Cohen going to FLIP! - 22 hours ago

[i]i was just reading an article[/i] Was that on the Salon or Slate website?

Children Crying at Border - 22 hours ago

[i] will cost billions of tax dollars. Military lawyers being called up.(lets see what happens there). [/i] JHC where do you get this tripe?

Children Crying at Border - 23 hours ago

[i]Stop watching CNN and MSNBC[/i] What? And miss Rachel Maddow's fake crocodile tears?!?! LOL

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