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Let Logic Prevail --- 24 days ago -

“This is a cover-up,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, who after months of resisting the move made it clear that she was determined to follow through with a formal impeachment inquiry.

She read aloud from a portion of the document describing an attempt by White House officials to quickly “lock down” records of a phone call in which Mr. Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. The complaint detailed charges that the president “is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election,” and that officials took pains to conceal evidence of that effort.

“We are at a different level of lawlessness that is clear to the American people,” Ms. Pelosi said. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 24 days ago -

There are 47 democrats in the Senate. A super majority of 67 votes is needed to impeach. Given the partisan lines that are set in stone, even if the House votes to impeach, it will be defeated in the Senate. Biden will be thrown to the side due to his "Ukranian" activities with his son leaving Warren as the candidate. Centrist democrats won't vote for her and even Wall St said it can't stand behind a Warren candidacy since she's drawn a target on them.

Whole lotta subterfuge leading up to a Trump 2020 landslide. 

Let Logic Prevail --- 24 days ago -

Let it be defeated. When there is clear evidence that the jerk is using foreign governments to win yet another election, whether he is actually impeached or not, will be the demise of the party.

Giuliani is not Trump’s private lawyer (Trump pays him nothing) rather Rudy is a lawyer who has become Trump’s coconspirator. They’re using the attorney-client privilege to hide criminal behavior but it can’t be used for that purpose! Sad day that lawyers back at core of scandal! --John Dean 

Let Logic Prevail --- 24 days ago -

So basically you are admitting that you don't care what the man does, you just want to win.


a845652uu --- 23 days ago -

The Ukraine facts are clear. But does truth still matter to the GOP? I think not. 

witchywoman --- 23 days ago -

Do the dems really have to investigate when Trump and Friends are doing a superb job of incriminating themselves? 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 23 days ago -

It appears that law and treaties that allow POTUS to work with and request Informatio on potential corruption.

Securing trascripts of calls between works leaders is nothing new. Its SOP in all previous administrations.

Now, as for the transcript goes there is literally nothing wrong. It's not even good hearsay.

So tell me what's the impeachable offense? Yes I know you dont need an allegation of breaking a law to impeach. 

Not KU --- 22 days ago -

Correctly guess the day, month, Trump is impeached, and WIN a prize! Correctly guess the charge and DOUBLE your winnings!

Bc, that P.O.S. is going down. 

I_won't_tell --- 22 days ago -

NEVER going to happen!


Emperor of Kingwood --- 21 days ago -

Correctly guess the day, month, Trump is impeached, and WIN a prize! Correctly guess the charge and DOUBLE your winnings!

Bc, that P.O.S. is going down. 

Are you really that poorly informed Mark? First of all it takes a simple majority in the HOR to impeach. While that could happen its unlikely.

Second, actual removal from office wont happen because it requires a 2/3 vote in the Senate. Actually the Senate doesn't have accept the case.

Trump will not be removed from office. Sorry that the facts burst your dream.

If you have any sort of retirement account you need to thank Trump. 

Not KU --- 20 days ago -

Thanks bob.
The short answer to your points. I agree. On both, first and second. Also the odds of action. Its those factors that makes the predicted date, interesting. If not to you and the bobbettes, then at least, I and other Misphits can enjoy the inevitable come to its conclusion. Justice and a restoration of the office of president. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 20 days ago -

I hope they impeach the President. That will ensure his reelection!!! 

Zapper009 --- 20 days ago -

As an Open-Minded voter, please tell me
one thing he has accomplished???

Thank You... 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 20 days ago -

[i]As an Open-Minded voter, please tell me
one thing he has accomplished???

Thank You... [/]

Well let's start with the growth in the GDP then move to the lowest unemployment in 30 years and for some demographic groups, ever. He got us out of that unratified Paris accord and bad deal with Iran. Also, NK is no longer testing nuclear missiles that can hit US territory. He is fixing the flawed trade policy in both hemispheres. Plus two other important things, tax reduction and wages are starting to increase. Let's not forget he's trying to drain the swamp but its fighting back. Shall we continue about the stock market? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 19 days ago -

Everything you stated was true but I bet he doesn't believe you! 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 18 days ago -

Looks like the Bidens get slimier every day. 

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