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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 4 years ago.

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have broom, will sweep it all under the rug.

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Trumps Saudi speech - 1 days ago

Check out the video just released of Trump and Netanyahu and wives going down the red carpet. Melania bringing up the rear, as usual, Trump goes to grab her hand and she smacks it away. =:-o

Trumps Saudi speech - 2 days ago

Tremendous day.

The Witches of Eastwing - 4 days ago

Hey I resemble that remark.

No Mention here of the Time Square massacre today - 4 days ago

He had a Hispanic name and I thought I heard earlier that he did do it on purpose so there you go.

Special prosecutor named in trump Russia probe - 5 days ago

How's that wall on the Mexican border coming along?

Why do liberals continue to believe whatever the liberal media spoon feeds them? - 6 days ago

It's crystal clear to me that Trump is totally incompetent. I base my opinion on his own actions, not the media. ps - where's melania?

Trump lawyer releases statement that he has received income from Russia - 8 days ago

Rather than defend President Trump's specific actions, his conservative champions change the subject to (1) the biased "fake news" media, (2) over-the-top liberals, (3) hypocrites on the left, (4) any...

Why do liberals continue to believe whatever the liberal media spoon feeds them? - 8 days ago

It's been proven years ago already that Fox is a box of lies so it only stands to reason that Trump wants them to represent him.

Trump revealed highly classified information to Russia - 8 days ago

Trump lovers are hardcore enablers who desperately need a 12 step program.

Obama Hopes Trump Gets Care He Needs - 11 days ago

Trump is one step beyond help.

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