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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 5 years ago.

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Bye-Bye Beto........... - 21 days ago

It's pretty sad that Trump has to come to redder than red Texas to support Cruz. This is a clear indication that they are very worried. The stats about better nipping at his tail are scaring the crap ...

No blue wave! - 21 days ago

Cruz sold his soul, his wife, and his father to have Trump campaign for him. I would never vote for an invertebrae. Regardless, Trump having to go to RED Texas to campaign for an incumbent senator is...

Beto & Abortion - 27 days ago

[i]The New York Times (Not exactly a conservative publication) did a recent article admitting the Democratic party has adopted radical views about abortion, on demand at any point of a pregnancy.[/i] ...

Mollie Tibbetts search: An undocumented immigrant has been charged with first-degree murder - 32 days ago

So it turns out the murderer was here legally working on the farm owned by prominent Iowa Republican. Typical KU. Shoot-first-ask-questions-later mentality. "Rivera has lived in Iowa for four to se...

Electricity Rates - 54 days ago

Check out Griddy.

Trump Affair - 56 days ago

Who cares? Real "Family values" Christians. Ie: Southern Baptists.

Trump Affair - 56 days ago

[i]Trump Affair[/i] Which one? He had tons esp when Melania was pregnant.

Trump on hurricane Harvey - 107 days ago


Anthony Bourdain committed Suicide - 108 days ago

They just said on CNN that it was indeed that he hung himself. I am heartbroken. And yes I agree he had been looking very skinny. I was uncomfortable with all the drinking he was doing on the show kno...

Another month of Trump winning - 112 days ago

Manafort. #winning. #MAGA

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