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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 5 years ago.

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have broom, will sweep it all under the rug.

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People And Money - 42 days ago

40 years ago. Maybe you should calculate how much it cost to live per year and you can see that the little money he made so long ago has probably been gone for a while. It's called reality, Sifi.

POLL: Trump on Israel - 42 days ago

LOL at Maria Zs accent. Are you sure your name isn't Melania T? ;-)

Why is it only men are called out for inappropriate sexual behavior - 42 days ago

[i]Men don?t typically care when a woman tries to have sex with them...?[/i] LOL. Yeah there's really that.

Why is my cat pulling out his hair? - 45 days ago

One of mine does that and I think it's related to fleas.

Karen Pence vomits on Trumpty Dump - 45 days ago

Can you blame her? It seems aligned with their value system. Remember her husband won't even be in a room alone with another woman.

Governor Abbott doesn't give a darn about Kingwood and our flooding issues - 49 days ago

Studies have been done. Ask Martin. He knows. He suggests we pressure the Texas politicians.

What's up with the HOA and flood debris?? - 49 days ago

Sterling sucks. Worst management company around here

Helicooter at CMS 630am - 49 days ago

Was that Life Flight? Was there a bad accident?

Shameless - 49 days ago


Peace Sign - Kingwood Dr. - 50 days ago

So the peace sign is up, thank goodness, but it's recessed back on the homeowner's property to protect it from the mean old city of Houston. Despite what I said the other day I do like David Martin...

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