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DNA Test from - 25 days ago

Their metrics. See the post above my last one. They base their algorithms on different historical data. Thus, it has an element of subjectivity.

DNA Test from - 25 days ago

The 4 don't match because their basis differs.

DNA Test from - 25 days ago

Your DNA is the same regardless of the source it is recovered from. Ie: spit, swab, blood. What differs is what they compare it they analyze the segments....which historical DNA they r...

DNA Test from - 25 days ago

[i] I'd be really interested in knowing what they come up with for me since I am already know what my family tree looks like for at least 7 generations. [/i] You need to validate this paper trail...

DNA Test from - 25 days ago

[i]The turn around time is 3-4 months [/i] Highly unusual. Average is about 4 weeks. Depends on whether their busy or slow season.

DNA Test from - 25 days ago

You can get Ancestry on sale for $79 typically plus $10 shipping. Buy it on ebay for even less. Ancestry is the way to go since they've got the biggest database.

DNA Test from - 25 days ago

[i]They say to use's results for pure entertainment, only. [/i] And they are? I disagree with that stmt entirely. Upload to GEDmatch too.

DNA Test from - 26 days ago

DNA doesn't lie. It's interesting when you work your cousin matches to prove your ancestry paper trail. Just beware. Every family has skeletons and non-parental events. You get a lot more inf...

"Need to weed the yard" violation letter from Deed Restriction Committee - 27 days ago

Two sides to every story.

Why Can't Suddenlink Fix It's Problems - 41 days ago

You're not alone.

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