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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 4 years ago.

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have broom, will sweep it all under the rug.

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Article of Impeachment introduced - 4 days ago

It's unamerican to defend their behavior. GOP has been placing party before country for decades already.

The small horse - 6 days ago

JW, I am well aware of how deed restrictions work and what mine are which is why I asked what Kingwood subdivision Ashes lived in. Ashes either doesn't live in KW or is lying about having a horse.

The small horse - 7 days ago

We can have them in Kingwood? What subdivisions allow them? I'd like to get some chickens. Do you think the same subdivision would allow them?


[i]Run a background check on him as well, it might actually get worse. :([/i] Did you read what the OP wrote? It seems he did that.

Town Center Fireworks question!!!! - 16 days ago

No you don't pay a penny towards it. Such a shame that it sounds like things didn't go as planned this year. I'm glad we stayed in and watched Shameless instead.

Trump victory - Travel ban reinstated - 24 days ago

[i]It's moral victory for Trump.[/i] Moral? Lol As far as tourism dollars go, USA Today said $18 billion will be lost. It isnt just from the 6 banned countries. Other foreigners stay away too.

Tank or Tankless Electric - 24 days ago

[i]It takes the same amount of energy to raise the same volume of water 35 degrees F no matter what type of heater it is.?[/i] This really doesn't address the comment you were responding to but r...

Trump victory - Travel ban reinstated - 24 days ago

Highly unlikely.

GUNS: Third leading cause of DEATH in CHILDREN - 24 days ago

[i]However, stories like this typically hide where they get their numbers, and for good reason: [/i] You could say that for most political, partisan stories....on both sides of the aisle......the...

The Odds of Evolution are a big fat 0 - 30 days ago

If there really was a God I doubt he would give a crap whether you believed in him or not. Then you think he is going to judge you down the road when he tells you judging is wrong.

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