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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 5 years ago.

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School Shootings---a possible solution... - 57 days ago

[i]Obama had a super majority in both the House and the Senate for 2 years (2008-2010) and could have easily passed gun reform legislation. [/i] Uh, they did try but the Republicans filibustere...

School Shootings---a possible solution... - 57 days ago

So it turns out that four not one but four armed deputies sat outside that school while those kids were getting brutally gunned down. So much for good guys having guns to solve our country's ills.

Active HS Shooting in Fla - 61 days ago

Something that can kill 58 and injure 851 more in 10 MINUTES with 1,100 rounds. Something that can kill 14 children and 3 adults and injure 12 more in 6 minutes.

Active HS Shooting in Fla - 61 days ago


Kathaleen Wall - 61 days ago

I get a daily full page color glossy ad from her preaching about her 2nd amendment rights yet she blocks any dissenting opinions on her Facebook page stripping future constituents of their 1st amendme...

Active HS Shooting in Fla - 65 days ago

And we could take the $30 to $50 MILLION from Trump's military parade and start buying back all the assault rifles that have already permeated our society. It's called a start.

Active HS Shooting in Fla - 66 days ago


POLL: Will there be a GOV shut-down? - 90 days ago

Pathetic poll. #TrumpShutdown

Vegas Shooter Found With Child Porn - 90 days ago

I agree, Mark.

Obamacare has an official death date. - 121 days ago

Yeah the death of Obamacare with Millions upon Millions upon millions that will no longer have insurance. And that makes you happy. Okie dokie

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