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I joined this crazy place on 2012-10-18, 4 years ago.

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have broom, will sweep it all under the rug.

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DNA Testing? - 6 days ago

You absolutely do not use the ethnicity percentages to determine if you're siblings. You use the centimorgan count. If you don't know where to locate this on, let me know.

DNA Testing? - 9 days ago

You and your siblings assuming from both the same parents will not have the exact same ethnicity because it's a crapshoot what DNA we inherit but we do get 50% from each parent. Without a doubt you...

KHS dress code ban on earrings. - 25 days ago

[i]And honestly, unless you are a rock star or a pirate guys shouldn't wear earrings.?[/i] And all this time I pictured you with one through your nose. [img]

Sessions......LOCK 'M UP!!! - 52 days ago

FLOTUS Melania Trump Leads Crowd in Lord's Prayer. She is Awesome - 58 days ago

She had to read the words. Lol

ObamaCare is Horrible! Get rid of it now - 62 days ago

[i]Both parties need to come together to get rid of this failure[/i] The Democrats have been willing to do that for 6 years. Where ya been?

Reporter Says former first lady Michelle Obama looks like a hooker - 62 days ago

Karras. You have no class. Zero. You behave like white trash here.

Our Pain Meds are in Jeapardy - 62 days ago

I feel for you and your husband. However, that said, we have an opiate epidemic on our hands that was caused by the pharmaceutical companies and, frankly, everyone I know who was on pain meds for p...

Milo disinvited as CPAC keynote speaker after he defended pedophilia - 62 days ago

[i]I guess they draw the line at pedophilia.?[/i] Not all of them. Reference John Lynch.

Lisa Presley, Daughter of The King - 62 days ago

You think she deserved alimony? I doubt they ever consummated the marriage. Pain and suffering, that she deserved.

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