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What Do You Think About Raising Vaping/Smoking Age To 21? - 3 hours ago

[i]Don't listen to government propaganda.[/i] You might try googling the medical studies and see for yourself. I did. I would never put the chemicals mentioned in my body.

Release the Mueller report - 9 hours ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ So true. I expected the left to take words and phrases out of context so they could go after Trump. They do that all the time.

LET's STOP USING every version of hyphenated AMERICAN!!! - 9 hours ago

[i]It's hilarious because I had six "Facebook Friends" unfriend me after I supported Trump or proved particular friend's arguments about or against Trump wrong. [/i] Watch out the next thing they a...

trump tax scam - 9 hours ago

You do notice he never answered you don't you. When you back him into a corner he goes away.

Trump melting down on twitter - 9 hours ago

There goes fuzzball again. When a democrats misspeaks it's okay it's just a mistake but when a Republican misspeaks it's a lie. He always has a double standard. Hey, fuzzball, if someone lied about yo...

trump tax scam - 17 hours ago

You won't get fuzzy to answer because the answer doesn't fit into his narrative. He usually states half truths and only things that fit into his way of thinking.

Release the Mueller report - 1 days ago

[i]If the 300+ page report actually exonerates trump[/i] The job of the special prosecutor is not to exonerate anyone. He either finds enough evidence to prosecute or he doesn't. The burden of proo...

trump tax scam - 1 days ago

Release the Mueller report - 1 days ago

The only problem you have is that it is NOT ILLEGAL to talk about it. Only actions matter and there were NO ILLEGAL actions. That's a fact you can't get around. Talking about doing something is not th...

Lori Laughlin Rejects Plea Deal/ Pleads Innocent - 1 days ago

[i]And it ain't much HAHAHAHAHA...[/i] That's true. But it looks like it's not going to quit which, I bet, causes the democrats to lose in 2020. The American people are tired of this stuff.

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