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I joined this crazy place on 2018-01-10, 2 years ago.

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KU way better than!!! - 3 days ago

KU way better than!!! - 12 days ago

KU way better than!!! - 30 days ago

[i]I'm in yours now, too. [/i] Not a chance....I'm not sure your even in yours!!!

Obama Guilty Obamagate - 31 days ago

Not yet....all the investigations have not been completed.

KU way better than!!! - 50 days ago

[i]I am everywhere. [/i] Only in YOUR mind!!!

KU way better than!!! - 58 days ago

[i]I've been everywhere, and I'm still here, telling it how it is. [/i] proved my point. You are here not there!!!!

I admit I miss this place - 64 days ago

[i]It's that gosh dern SciFi and her blasted sidekick, Tattooed Dragon!![/i] No it isn't!!! It's all the people and all their "alts" that did this place in. All the name calling and the insults.......

I admit I miss this place - 66 days ago

[i]I don't miss it. Still as awful as ever. [/i] That is so true. Maybe they should outlaw politics and name calling!!

KU way better than!!! - 68 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Good for you. That tells me you've never been on or you didn't say anything to get censored because EVEN YOU can be censored!!

KU way better than!!! - 71 days ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You must have been censored on Once again it's way better than here.

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