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Let Logic Prevail

I joined this crazy place on 2010-04-26, 9 years ago.

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Interesting Article Regarding Elm Grove Flooding - 9 days ago

[i]new construction and flooding connection?[/i] Is that a question? It is a definite. [url=][/url]

Deranged Donald - 13 days ago

Don't forget, wind turbines cause cancer.

12-year-old charged with murder in fatal Texas shooting of 10-year-old brother - 13 days ago

A 10-year-old Texas boy was shot to death after his 12-year-old sibling allegedly got access to a gun and shot the child in the chest, authorities said on Sunday. The fatal shooting occurred on Sat...

Release the Mueller report - 31 days ago

I've read quite a bit of the report today. The Mueller report is replete with evidence, of repeated lying by public officials and others, of the president urging not to tell the truth, of the presi...

Lori Laughlin Rejects Plea Deal/ Pleads Innocent - 31 days ago

[i]Oh yeah, testimony from the proven perjurer Cohen. [/i] Total deflection. This has nothing to do with Cohen's own issues. It has indeed been proven he paid Stormy off with $130k.

It's over - 31 days ago

Release the Mueller report - 31 days ago

Interesting choice of phrasing.... "We concluded that Congress has authority to prohibit [u]a president's corrupt use of his authority[/u] in order to protect the integrity of the administration ...

Mueller Report Going to Congress Mid April - 51 days ago

Why the delay? What do they hope to hide between now and then?

Why Did Pontius Pilate Have Jesus Executed? - 60 days ago

[i]Credibility issue?? That's putting it mildly. He comes on just to get iced. [/i] This, too, was from the History Channel. I had read the articles before he posted them here. There are a numb...

***** b * e * t * o ***** - 60 days ago

I prefer Beto over Warren or Bernie, by far.

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