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ACE hardware

who's talking here?

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SleightOfHand --- 4 years ago -

Since Alspaugh’s won’t stock the basics, I have found there is a new Ace off 1314 and Old Sorters Rd and will do business with them. 

sdanielmcev --- 4 years ago -

Alspaugh's is no longer affiliated with ACE. 

Prolix Raconteur --- 4 years ago -

They still have the Ace sign out front. I would assume Ace doesn't want it there anymore. And yeah, their inventory is pretty slim these days. Flood and family drama threw a monkey wrench in that operation. 

Let Logic Prevail --- 4 years ago -

That place is a good lesson in how to take a viable business and run it into the ground. Such a shame. I used to go in there every weekend. After five tries with them not having what I require, I am done.

I guess the former wife was the driving force in running the business correctly. What I don't understand is that the boutique is fully stocked with expensive merchandise yet the hardware part of the store is vacant.

The only positive thing is that it's easy to get a parking spot now.

Do they plan on closing their doors? Anyone know? 

The Highwayman --- 4 years ago -

Alspaugh's hardware has been an asset to this community for many years. We've heard about their family situation and we know that the Harvey flood took a toll on their business. They're experiencing some difficult times it appears.

But how about a little support? Give them some grace. They've earned it. 

Zapper009 --- 4 years ago -

...and their truck still has an "Ace Hardware" logo in the door...WTH??? 

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