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I joined this crazy place on 2008-02-27, 13 years ago.

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latest comments is a liberal commie site. - 141 days ago

[url=]link title[/url] is a liberal commie site. - 141 days ago

I didn't want a record.... - 260 days ago

It’s dead, pull the plug Adam

KU Dead - 1 years ago

Last post was 7 days ago. Several mods haven’t posted in a year and two others have not posted in over 120 days. Kill this board

ACE hardware - 1 years ago

Since Alspaugh’s won’t stock the basics, I have found there is a new Ace off 1314 and Old Sorters Rd and will do business with them.

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 1 years ago

It appears that Sag is the only mod working. I believe nearly all of the other underground sites have died, this is one of the very few which remain active.

Bride Kicks Marine in Class A's out of her wedding. - 2 years ago

Every veteran should have joined the Marine and walked. This is insane

Cohen upstages all other news. - 2 years ago

Did you listen to it?

50% of Americans have an IQ of 100... - 2 years ago


Cohen upstages all other news. - 2 years ago


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