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I joined this crazy place on 2008-02-27, 10 years ago.

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Are you kidding me?! - 113 days ago

We are screwed as a country once these fools are leading it

Are you kidding me?! - 114 days ago

Police are stepping up their presence in schools but now black students are scared. Some group just has to be in the news.[url=

Gun KARMA - 131 days ago

JoeBlowme is just warming up for tonight. It?s steak and BJ night

Trumpty is basically bald - 165 days ago

Party on Wayne

POLL: Totally loaded question - 192 days ago

Umm I?m drawing my retirement plus working for an engineering team. I?m doing quite well.

No more double space - 193 days ago

?it labels you as "old" and not with the times.? Translation- the boss is a whiny millennial and you don?t want to work for them anyway.

POLL: Totally loaded question - 193 days ago

Btw, I?m far from the top but I believe my standard deduction and child tax credits being doubled amounts to something called a tax break. You can?t cut taxes on people who are already paying little ...

POLL: Totally loaded question - 193 days ago

Question totally loaded with crap. There, I fixed it for you Mark

Trump Investigation Fizzles - 211 days ago

I see there is no denial to the similarity between Mark and MissU lol

Trump Investigation Fizzles - 212 days ago

Ever notice that Mark and MissU have the same delusional thought process?

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