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I joined this crazy place on 2012-06-30, 4 years ago.

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Fake News - 19 hours ago

Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man... - 19 hours ago

A voided conviction does not show innocence, nor is innocence proven by a not guilty decision. You are not of guilt for the crime in the eyes of the law, not necessarily in the eyes of man.

Fake News - 20 hours ago

You've bought into the 'panic mode' that the media sells. If you want information, read a book. Everyone has biases. Learning those biases, including your own, will help sort out the table end fiction...

Any recommendations for chalkboard wall artist? - 1 days ago

Do you want the lettering done or the wall blackboard painted?

Fake News - 1 days ago

Remember the Maine!!!

Trump and his admin lied about ships heading to NK - 2 days ago

[i]As a former Naval Officer - hard to imagine a battle group steaming to the wrong place - just sayin'?[/i] When the CIC gives an order...

Do not vote for Planned Parenthood fundraiser Abby Whitmore for Humble ISD - 3 days ago

I'm voting for Pat Paulsen.

NOTHING HAS CHANGED: Democrat Anarchists Use Same Tactics As KKK Democrats Did 100 Years Ago - 3 days ago

[i]Show me your masters in history and I'll show you mine[/i] I've got a library card and an Internet connection. You would do well not to use your masters in history as a calling card. Education ...

Georgia special election - 3 days ago

I guess fuzz's party dress will have to go back in the closet. Yeah this was the DNC's big shot here.

Springsteen Releases New Anti-Trump Protest Song!!!!! - 3 days ago


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