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Should Schiff Be Impeached?

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Let Logic Prevail 1
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RayofHope --- 3 years ago -

Have Dems committed impeachable offenses?
Last light Laura Ingraham made some interesting points. Schiff and other Democrats have been guilty of lying and obstruction. (Remember, Schiff did not allow Republicans to produce their witnesses in the hearings and has lied repeatedly during different points of the hearings).
It’s an interesting commentary that looks at Democrats Abuse of Power.

Schiff Impeachment Comments 

Let Logic Prevail --- 3 years ago -

Should Schiff Be Impeached?

No but we should get a twofer w/ Pence. 

OrdinaryGuy --- 3 years ago -

No but we should get a twofer w/ Pence. 

For what?? 

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