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I joined this crazy place on 2013-10-08, 3 years ago.

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Middle age and still full of energy.

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Poll: Trump breaks 70 year low approval rating - 12 hours ago

Remember the poll saying Trump would lose the election. Nobody believes this stuff anymore!!

GOP Healthcare bill is dead, again - 12 hours ago

Go back and look at the news yesterday. The debate is beginning over healthcare, like there should be. We need to come up with something that works, this time.

Republican Defining Choice - you can stand for the Republic or you can stand for the President - 12 hours ago

Trump is a different kind of president, that's why he was elected. People are sick of traditional politics.

More Russian connection - 12 hours ago

Another Russian Story?? Yawn!!

Poll: Just 6% of Americans Say Russia Story is Important - 12 hours ago

I stopped watching mainstream media because of the Russia fixation. It's funny that Russians are happy about the confusion going on because of Russian Phobia.

Trump throws insults. Washington Post throws numbers - 12 hours ago

You guys never seem to get it!! Trump does not act like other presidents (who normally lie through their teeth while appearing presidential). He is getting things done. May go down as greatest pre...

Remember Kennedy Collusion? - 4 days ago

Kennedy was involved in the assasination of an elected leader of Vietnam. And, you guys think Trump did something wrong? [url=

GOP Healthcare bill is dead, again - 4 days ago

The GOP heallthcare deal is not dead until the GOP gives up fixing our messed up (and dying) Obamacare.

Poll: Hillary Clinton Is Less Popular Than Trump - 4 days ago

I believe it. But, she got away with the uranium deal to the Russians and will never be prosecuted.

Article of Impeachment introduced - 4 days ago

We have healthcare issues and economic problems and the Democrats want to spend their time focusing on the Russians. It's beginning to look like the Russians have done an excellent job disrupting the ...

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