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I joined this crazy place on 2013-10-08, 4 years ago.

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Middle age and still full of energy.

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Children Crying at Border - 2 days ago

We are being fed a steady diet of children crying at the border. Most of the time it sounds like the same sound bite played over and over. They are sounds that can come from any day care center. It...

Ph ....Robert De Niro... - 2 days ago

De Niro is a pig!! Sorry guys, his behavior is disgusting.

Kingwood Racism - 2 days ago

Kingwood is not particularly diverse, but you should not have problems in Kingwood with a black child.

No taking children from parents!!! - 2 days ago

Children should not be political fodder. Also, they should not be carried across borders by strangers or alone. Also, parents can merely go home and get their children back.

Couple Things on Hucabee Sanders - 2 days ago

[i]That's all you got, petty attacks on her looks??[/i] Yes!! It's Pathetic!!

Trump Gains Release of Americans - 43 days ago

Trump chalks up another big win. [url=]North Korea Releases ...

Who is most corrupt in Trumpt - 43 days ago

[i]Scott Pruitt? Manafort? Flynn? Kushner?[/i] This thread is pretty strange in light of: Erik Holder Barrack Obama Valerie Jarrett

3.9% Unemployment - 43 days ago

[i]Thanks President Trump!!?[/i] You have to give it to Trump. He is doing a lot for the country.

Kerry Collusion Violates Logan Act - 43 days ago

[i] It's not about party, it's about values[/i] Good point that seems to be lost these days.

Kerry Collusion Violates Logan Act - 45 days ago

Remember when politicians demanded an investigation of the Trump campaign for violating the Logan Act? They claimed Trump team members were illegally negotiating with Russia. While no evidence has ...

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