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I joined this crazy place on 2013-10-08, 4 years ago.

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Middle age and still full of energy.

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More Evidence of Pakistan Collusion - 29 days ago

[i]This clown and his family were on the payroll of 1 in 5 house democrats in some kind of IT capacity,[/i] Pretty amazing that Schultz and the Democrats let the Pakistani family get away with what...

More Evidence of Pakistan Collusion - 29 days ago

The evidence is continuing to surface. Wasserman Schultz opened the gate. [url=]Pakistan Collusio...

gUNS - 33 days ago

We need to ban knives and cars in order to stop the killing.

A Higher Loyalty - 33 days ago

[i] that author happens to be someone who was quite memorably and publicly fired from his last job.[/i] Comey is a strange person.

Trumpty's going down - 33 days ago

Is this a joke?

So why is Trump giving pardon to Scooter Libby? - 40 days ago

[i]Still support Trump? [/i] You need to move on to more important things. Trump won. Get over it.

Why isn?t america the safest country in the world? - 49 days ago

[i]Since there are so many guns and no gun laws.[/i] It is a strange statement. Also, getting a license to carry a handgun in most states, is not as easy as some people claim.

Breaking - Pakistan Collusion With Democrats - 49 days ago

[i]Their other big headline is that Trump gave Obama a nickname. Keep reaching Ray.?[/i] That's what I like, insightful and intelligent comments.

Breaking - Pakistan Collusion With Democrats - 50 days ago

Well the shoe is on the other foot. A large group of Democratic legislators have been found to pull strings to get Pakistani's access to government records. A group of Pakistani's, without technolo...

This place is dying - 69 days ago

I think a lot of people are tired of Russia.....Russia.....Russia....Russia It reminds me of the comedy routine from Saturday Night Live when Update began every Saturday for 3-4 months that Franc...

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