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Trump loses appeal to withhold financial records

who's talking here?

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Joe Blow --- 4 years ago -

SSIA really


“Contrary to the President’s arguments, the Committee possesses authority under both the House Rules and the Constitution to issue the subpoena,” Judge David Tatel wrote in an opinion joined by Judge Patricia Millett.

The 66-page opinion against Trump backs Congress by citing a long history of lawmakers using subpoenas to demand information in connection with investigations. 

Not KU --- 4 years ago -

Guess the day, month, and year, Trump is impeached, and WIN prizes! Correctly name the charge and DOUBLE your winnings!

I wonder,,,Is Rudy a squealer? 

OrdinaryGuy --- 4 years ago -

I sure hope they impeach him. It won't go anywhere in the Senate but it will get him reelected. LOL 

Emperor of Kingwood --- 4 years ago -

They can issue all the subpoenas they want. But, they lack enforcement power. 

Not KU --- 4 years ago -

Impeachment Just became inevitable.


David A. Graham
Staff writer at The Atlantic

Guess the day, month, year, Trump is impeached, and win prizes. Correctly guess the charge and double your winnings. 

I_won't_tell --- 4 years ago -

Ha! Ha! Ha!



Not KU --- 4 years ago -

'Good riddance. He's all yours Florida' 

Joe Blow --- 4 years ago -

Turn over your TAX RETURNS, Loser!


Emperor of Kingwood --- 4 years ago -

Its only his corporate taxes for 2015 and only the state of NY. 

Zapper009 --- 4 years ago -

I think we will all get an opportunity to watch the "Golden One" cry and whimper... 

Not KU --- 4 years ago -

well well well

""I'd be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify," Welch says in the video above. "President Trump is welcome to take a seat right there."

And the House Intelligence chamber breaks out into laughs as Welch points to the witness chair. They're laughing at Jordan and they're laughing at Trump. It's the only real laughter we've heard all day. And of course it's both funny and the complete opposite of funny.

The heart of the matter 

RayofHope --- 3 years ago -

Imagine how much more crying there will be if Trump wins again. 

I_won't_tell --- 3 years ago -



OrdinaryGuy --- 3 years ago -

Actually, the SCOTUS put a stay on that court because they are going to take up all 3 cases. 

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