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the Markster

I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-09, 5 years ago.

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Politics is the only game in town where the outcome effects everyone. Picking the right players is key. To not vote is Un-American To not engage your elected official is to let a lobbyist have their attn.

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No taking children from parents!!! - 22 hours ago

[i]what a devastator trump has been. he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake.[/i] What an (expensive) devastator Trump has been. Reuniting expenses is something thats going to happen. FLOTUS M...

Mike Cohen going to FLIP! - 22 hours ago

That didn't take long. I shoulda run a "guess the date" on that.

Children Crying at Border - 23 hours ago

[i]RayofHope --- 1 days ago - quote - hide comments We are being fed a steady diet of children crying at the border. Most of the time it sounds like the same sound bite played over and over. [/i] ...

No taking children from parents!!! - 1 days ago

[b]Trump signs order stopping his policy of separating families at border[/b] by Adam Edelman / Jun.20.2018 / 11:24 AM ET / Updated 2:22 PM ET [url=

No taking children from parents!!! - 2 days ago

[i]Well then maybe the democrats should change the law.[/i] Is the separation of children from their parents of immigrants, some badge of honor for republicans? I think not. [i]After all, they ...

Playing the Singer/Songwriter night at Green Oak - 2 days ago

Break a leg. Not a string

No taking children from parents!!! - 2 days ago

[i]Prolix Raconteur --- 18 min ago - quote - hide comments So why let a bunch of unbridled, undocumented miscreants into your country and give them welfare?[/i] ^^^^^^^ Im certain that is exact...

Mark & the Misphits Playin a set - 3 days ago

[b]House of Blues[/b] That's right. Lots of live acts and I'm one of em. Join me tonight downtown. Wed: Stetsons. It's been a week, they should have it together by now. (fire at goodwill). T...

Manafort is in jail - 3 days ago

[i]Yawn..... [/i] ^^^^ But Hillary's emails!! You can keep your Dr!!! Manifort in jail? wow, didnt see that coming. Who wants to play "guess the date Trump gets impeached"? It'l be fun. Beli...

Cohen expects to be arrested any day - 8 days ago

[b]Cohen expects to be arrested any day[/b] I heard that too. Fake news? idk Certainly isn't out of the rheum of possibilities or likelihood.

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