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the Markster

I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-09, 4 years ago.

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Politics is the only game in town where the outcome effects everyone. Picking the right players is key. To not vote is Un-American To not engage your elected official is to let a lobbyist have their attn.

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Bombshell Memo Approaches Washington - 2 hours ago

[b]Bombshell Memo Approaches Washington[/b] [img][...

Krugman Wins Fake News Competition - 3 hours ago

[i]Generally, overweight people are often the target of ridicule. Overweight people do not consider it funny. [/i] Im overweight and I consider the cartoon funny. [img]https://scontent.fhou1-...

Amazing Trump News - 6 hours ago

[i]the economy is growing. [/i] That much is true...Oil is around $60/barrel. Wall street is doing great. Still main street is stagnant. Worst of all, our government is shut down. Did anyone c...

Illegals Placed Above American Children - 8 hours ago

^^^ The one trick pony speaks, but didnt say anything :(

The President does it again. - 8 hours ago


Illegals Placed Above American Children - 9 hours ago

[i]Emperor of Kingwood --- 12 hours ago - quote - hide comments Tell us Mark, [u]what happened to your[/u] that has [u]caused this.[/u] [/i] bob...that makes zero sense. Caused what? geez Y...

Illegals Placed Above American Children - 9 hours ago

[i]the chance to either be nice or not. We all make choices. I guess you've chosen not to be "nice" ..[/i] Welcome to the attack Mark club. Know that I get no pleasure out of snarking back at anyo...

POLL: Will there be a GOV shut-down? - 20 hours ago

No. but I am eating peanut butter cookies. Just out of the oven

Vegas Shooter Found With Child Porn - 20 hours ago

[b]Vegas Shooter Found With Child Porn[/b] Thats pretty sad. But the idea that this person made trial attempts at other venues with the same bad intentions is a bit more disturbing. The child porn te...

POLL: Will there be a GOV shut-down? - 21 hours ago

[i]The dems own this shutdown no matter what junk they spout.[/i] Its just as easy to change the word (dems) to (pubs) to say the same thing. Lets agree its a two way street where 51 people act o...

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