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I joined this crazy place on 2013-05-09, 5 years ago.

» save Markster as my FRIEND - HOSER

Politics is the only game in town where the outcome effects everyone. Picking the right players is key. To not vote is Un-American To not engage your elected official is to let a lobbyist have their attn.

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It looks like KU is dying - 3 days ago

[i]isn't much participation anymore. I wonder why. [/i] pffft

Kavanaugh confirmed! - 5 days ago


Trump orders kavanaugh investigation - 10 days ago

[i] First it?s the Russians, the Stormy Daniels and now it?s his taxes.[/i] Its still the Russians. Daniels was paid. Trump lied. Taxes, lol, the red line that hopefully puts Trumptards in thei...

Mark & the Misphits Playin a set - 11 days ago

Guess who got a friend request from Joe Ely?! This guy!

Kavanaugh - 16 days ago

[i] is he capable of nominating someone who isn?t a scumbag? Does such a Republican exist? [/i] Why do regular people vote republican?

Kavanaugh - 16 days ago

[url=]The Slime ~ Frank Zappa....enjoy[/url]

Kavanaugh - 16 days ago

[i]sdanielmcev --- 1 days ago - quote - hide comments You think Im delicious with the stuff that I say At least give Zappa credit for that line.[/i] Ok, bestie..I dont like you very much. But,I...

GREAT JOB - Sen. Lindsey O. Graham!!! - 16 days ago

[i]Jeff Flake is my hero- the first shaky step to forcing both sides to work together- Hallelujah! [/i] [b]I could not agree more[/b]. Well said. Did anyone see the confrontation in the senate e...

Cosby gets less than 3 years for rape - 21 days ago

CONFIRMED! No blue wave! - 21 days ago

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