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Adam, Austin, and Kara

who's talking here?

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a4536499uu --- 272 days ago -

How do you reach Adam, Austin, and Kara? 

a4536499uu --- 271 days ago -

Are there any “mods”?
Who runs this site? 

CavemanBarney --- 270 days ago -

Go up above and click on the "Help" link, then on the page it opens, click on "adam" in the "Welcome to the HELP Underground." description. 

a4536499uu --- 270 days ago -

I have and no replies 

CavemanBarney --- 270 days ago -

You could try snail mail...
This addy is from the Kingwood Bookoo page...
248 Foster Dr
Oswego, IL 60543

or email... 

Edgar Po Wong --- 239 days ago -

Draw a dollar sign on the floor with animal blood. Then repeat this chant 3 times, and they will appear: "Kingwood Underground sucks". 

Not KU --- 202 days ago -


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