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MiaBella Farm

I joined this crazy place on 2009-07-21, 12 years ago.

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Beekeeper, homemaker, farmer

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Our New Website - 6 years ago


Our New Website - 6 years ago

This year we began keeping bees and decided to revamp our website. When you have time, please check out our new site and provide us with any feedback, suggestions, comments, recommendations you care ...

Where Can I Buy Hay?? - 6 years ago

If you bring an empty bag such as a feed sack or trash bag up to Knox Feed Store in Porter, he will let you just pick up the loose hay off the ground (inside the container he keeps hay in) FOR FREE! ...

I need models for painting classes (clothed) - 6 years ago

What is the location of the class? I am interested in being a model. My daughter took a class like this in California, she is studying Graphic Design. How can we send you photos? Do you have an em...

Bee Catcher? - 6 years ago

If a bee colony is getting a virus, then it is the result of the hive being ill already or under stress from one of the things I mentioned before (hive beetles, varroa mite, wax moth infestation, etc....

Bee Catcher? - 6 years ago

Sorry Tink but...Bees are endangered by pesticides and herbicides and hive beetles and varroa mites...rarely do they get a virus. The best way to save them is to leave them alone for now. They are...

Bee Catcher? - 6 years ago

Do you know where their hive is? At this time of year it is best to leave them alone. If they make it through the winter then my husband will be glad to come and get them for you in March.

anybody sell essential oils in Kingwood/Atascocita area? - 6 years ago

Contact Melissa Humphries at 832-818-7148

Eyelash extensions recommendations? - 6 years ago

It depends on the type you get and how you care for them...most folks don't listen to the technician putting them on when they tell you not to rub your eyes constantly for the first few days...then th...

Eyelash extensions recommendations? - 6 years ago

Contact Jody...she is my neighbor and does a WONDERFUL job on eyelashes as well as facial treatments. Jody Labuff - 832-527-4731

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