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I joined this crazy place on 2010-05-07, 8 years ago.

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Formerly known as Cruella.

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What posters do you miss the most? - 3 years ago

I was trying to think of their names! Thank you. I always thought that love4bdd and Wandabokbok were funny.

NRA Board Member Blames SC Victim for Own Death - 3 years ago

Puss, I understand why you feel that way. But what if the gun is the fire, not the gasoline? The gasoline is the unstable mind. The gun is the fire. And what is one major way that firemen put ou...

Is it racist that black-on-black shootings are less news worthy than white-on-black shootings? - 3 years ago

All good points. The media is definitely in it for the money. So the amount of controversy surrounding a story is what determines what leads. But because of this, we have to realize that we aren'...

Have you watched the families from Charleston? - 3 years ago

I think these families have already blessed us with the answer to the racial disharmony we have experienced, especially lately: Grace, forgiveness, and love. I know that I am greatly moved by their ...

Things Our Fathers Taught Us - 3 years ago

I miss my dad so much. My dad taught me so many things that it is hard to narrow down. But looking back, the most important was what it feels like to be loved, protected and adored. What it feel...

NRA Board Member Blames SC Victim for Own Death - 3 years ago

His comments were in very poor taste. But just to stir stuff up, did you know that Jesus himself instructed his disciples to carry swords? True story.

After HEB moves across the street...? - 3 years ago

So what is going into Alpaugh's? Besides a Costco, of course.

The monster's been caught! - 3 years ago

Yeah, when I read the manifestos of crazy mass shooters, I start comparing them to everyone I know too. Who said Salem wasn't fun? We can be suspicious of everyone! Or we could rememeber that pe...

Which Woman Should Be on the $10 Bill? - 3 years ago

Oh lawd, that would be some truth in our times, wouldn't it. To put Honey Boo Boo on the dollar. Is it really a high form of respect though? I'm having trouble with the thought of Sojourner Truth ...

Which Woman Should Be on the $10 Bill? - 3 years ago

If the theme is democracy, we have to pick someone who affected that in a positive way. Harriet Tubman would still be a great pick for that. As would Sojourner Truth. But also look up Sybil Lu...

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