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Puss In Boots

I joined this crazy place on 2010-06-25, 12 years ago.

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Yes, I'm a cat....Kiss my furry buttocks....No more nice kitty!

latest comments

Tiger Woods has been arrested - 5 years ago

You guys forget he won two professional events after hitting the tree. You can't put that much torque on your body and not have it break down. It's a repetitive sports injury. He has been smacking gol...

looking for a roofing company - 5 years ago

Wesco Roofing. Owner lives in Kingwood, excellent work, reasonably priced.

Rosie's new twitter picture is gold - 5 years ago

[i]Trump is shining some light on the corruption that permeates through our government and media. [/i] Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Seriously?! You are as delusional as he is. Can't wait to see w...

Lost Cat - 5 years ago

Fur bump

Currently twice as many people at the Women's March in DC than trump had at his illegitimate inaugur - 5 years ago

[i]Trump got more fat women to walk than Michelle Obama did in 8 years [/i] WTF. Seriously? Do you grab pussies too? Sure sounds like it.

Sean Spicer crybaby in chief - 5 years ago

Man this guy is in for a long gut-wrenching ride! How long do you think he will last? Tums and Nexium will be his best friends. How do you take facts and find out a way to twist and twist to come ...

Sean Spicer crybaby in chief - 5 years ago

Trump is an egomaniac that can't stand the fact that 8 million less watched the inauguration on TV. And a side-by-side comparison of the crowds attending the inauguration are unmistakable. These a...

Matt Lauer: I 'burst out crying' at Biden's Medal of Freedom - 5 years ago

All of you nitwits complaining about the awarding of this Presidential Medal of Freedom should educate yourself about the purpose and history of this distinct honor. Biden is not the first VP to recei...

Dirty Sephora - 5 years ago

Tink I was shocked at the state of the store when I dropped in before Christmas. It was like an army of makeup-wearing locusts descended on their shelves. Disappointingly, I went to purchase a cou...

Obama is doing his best to cause the Trump administration big problems. - 5 years ago

So funny to read all this. Trumpists including the alt-right morons ignore facts and make up their own as they please. People forget the state of our country when President Obama took office. I ha...

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