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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-04, 7 years ago.

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I am new to Kingwood. Really like it here. Grew up on the SW part of town.

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People And Money - 1 days ago

[i]It's weird, isn't it? We're kinda taught that money is the key to happiness bc it will relieve all our worries. Then when we get it, and don't have those issues, happiness doesn't occur and in fact...

Don't trust split-tails - 1 days ago

First of all, women aren't "split-tails" - that's just derogatory. Second of all, you are over-generalizing. There are good and bad in all kinds of people, regardless if they're male, female, Black...

Excellent visual on privilege and advantages - 5 days ago

To the original poster: Nice video, but too simplistic. I grew up without privilege, meaning child in a single-mother home, no father, and with the fear that I was one step away from the street....

Kings River house appraised value went up over 50% in 2015? - 12 days ago

I was going through HCAD in that subdivision and noticed a few houses had their appraised values jump significantly between 2014 and 2015, like $200K jump. What happened? Does anyone know anything abo...

Yet another mass shooting spree - 26 days ago

[i]Why have other countries fixed them then?[/i] Because they have other cultures, customs, mindsets, attitudes, traditions, and beliefs than Americans. So many variables to take into account,...

Yet another mass shooting spree - 27 days ago

[i]Don't you know that if we had highly restrictive gun laws (like Chicago) that criminals wouldn't have guns? I'm certainly glad Heroin has been outlawed. That guarantees no one will use it.[/i] ...

Yet another mass shooting spree - 27 days ago

[i]That?s 3 now in as many weeks. How many shootings like this have there been in Australia, Japan, or Canada? Oh yeah, that?s right they have gun laws. [/i] California has gun laws, too. A l...

Yet another mass shooting spree - 27 days ago

How about this story, where a dad protected his 17-yo daughter from being abducted by a gang of teen thugs, who had knives and guns. This happened at night. They went so far as to block the road off t...

KU really is a ghost town these days... - 32 days ago

[i]KU is now nothing more than 20 people constantly arguing. It's dead. KDC is much better. [/i] It has become the Detroit of online forums. This is what happens when you let liberals take ov...

Democrats responsible for Sutherland church massacre - 33 days ago

[i]You?re sure an angry little guy. You ask me what I?m doing then bash me for answering you. Get a grip, put down your guns and call your mother. Hopefully she can talk you out of the tower... [/i...

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