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I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-04, 6 years ago.

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I am new to Kingwood. Really like it here. Grew up on the SW part of town.

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This is the real wonder woman - 97 days ago

Maryam Mirzakhani, a 40-yo Iranian mathematician, professor of mathematics at Stanford University. She just died of cancer. What a loss. Won the prestigious Fields Medal, the math equivalent of the No...

Wonder Woman - 137 days ago

[i]Did you go with a cute Asian girl??[/i] Why yes I did. How'd you know?

Wonder Woman - 137 days ago

Anyone seen it yet? What do you think? I saw it on opening night. I thought it was pretty good. Gal Gadot looks the part.

Montrose Street Church - 140 days ago

[i]They do. Out of site, out of mind.[/i] Yeah, but a lot of people who go to churches are raised in middle-class homes with no prior experience with street people. And frankly, it's outside of...

Montrose Street Church - 141 days ago

[i]Good comment. Most people hide out in their church and avoid contact with people in need.[/i] Do you pay attention to what you're writing? So, you are implying that other Christians avoid co...

Montrose Street Church - 144 days ago

[i]What ? How does that translate to people reaching out to their fellow man and putting their faith in action?[/i] Faith in action? More like attention grabbing. Why don't you do good for peo...

Montrose Street Church - 144 days ago

[i]Are you saying that Christians should feel nothing??[/i] Feelings won't save you, if what I'm reading in the Bible is true.

Montrose Street Church - 144 days ago

Please. Religion is nothing more than emotional manipulation. It's all about the feels. True Christianity is knowing what is in the Bible and living by it. That's it. No back-slapping feel-good ev...

Most dangerous hikes - 169 days ago

Internet commandos LOL Why don't you try climbing Enchanted Rock first to see if you can handle it? It's near Fredericksburg. Baby steps people.

Jesus is gay - 212 days ago

Wow I didn't know until last Sunday

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