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Dorothy Parker

I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-19, 6 years ago.

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“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” ― Dorothy Parker

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Question for parents of teen girls: - 3 days ago

I think she should talk to her daughter about the guy she sent the photos to. Open a dialogue on what's going on that she would feel compelled to send the photos as opposed to shaming her for sending ...

Flashback: Obama Mocks Trump for Promising to Keep Carrier Plant in U.S. - 3 days ago

When has the Republican Party ever been for government interference with private business?? You guys talk out of both sides of your mouth. If Obama had done this, it would have been considered a de...

Jon Huntsman being considered for Sec. of State! - 3 days ago

That would be the first decent choice Trump has made.

Trumpty LIAR in CHIEF - 4 days ago

His tweets to SNL are hilarious! He needs to toughen up if SNL gets his goat so easily. He's in for a [i]very[/i] bumpy ride!

Texas City teen commits suicide due to cyberbullying - 6 days ago

So sad...this is a problem so many teens face with almost no recourse against their tormentors. :( [url=

Lock Him Up - 6 days ago

When's that special prosecutor thing happening? January 21st?

Liberal has To Kill a Mockingbird and Huck Finn banned for racial slurs - 6 days ago

The article said her proposal is going before a committee for consideration and that the books are temporarily banned until the committee makes a decision. So, the school made the decision based on th...

Who should be Times person of the year? - 6 days ago


"Sale", "sell", "sale", "sell", "sale", "sell" - 6 days ago

Lots of people take the English language for granite.

"Sale", "sell", "sale", "sell", "sale", "sell" - 9 days ago

Let's add "loose" and "lose" to your list!

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