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Dorothy Parker

I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-19, 3 years ago.

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“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” ― Dorothy Parker

latest comments

Really? - 4 days ago

Will they have a Meth funhouse??

Corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Fountain - 4 days ago

There were bubble tumbleweeds this morning...I thought it was pretty funny. :)

Man walking around Elm Grove asking about cars - 4 days ago

Sounds like a completely different guy if one is looking to buy old junk cars and giving out a business card. Lol.

Woman in dark Blue Camaro- Wreckless Driver LP# CTN9137 - 4 days ago

Seems the registered owner wasn't the one driving.

Thank you HPD for not drawing your weapons on me & my kids! - 4 days ago

People are freaks. Glad you're safe!

Lock Step Right Wing Republicans as viewed from the outside looking in - 4 days ago

[i]Fact is, on the presidential level, Mark is right. Unless they change their tune big time, the Republican party doesn't have much of a chance in '16. It appeals to too small of a fraction of the el...

Four Posts In an Hour? - 5 days ago

The "facts" in your article were simply the opinion and negative blanket statements made by the author of said article. Kinda like when people post articles about the Westboro Baptists and say they...

Four Posts In an Hour? - 5 days ago

She followed the rules set up by Adam and Kara. That thread was racist to the Nth degree. Just because you believe what it said to be true, doesn't make it less racist.

Four Posts In an Hour? - 5 days ago

Your racist thread got deleted? Bummer.

Four Posts In an Hour? - 5 days ago

There really isn't anything interesting on KU at the moment.

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