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Dorothy Parker

I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-19, 5 years ago.

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“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” ― Dorothy Parker

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Vote Trump! - 4 days ago

According to a poll done by ABC, Trump is only ahead of Hillary by 3 points in Texas: 46 to 43. Democrats and Independents NEED TO VOTE in this election!! Texas being "solid red" isn't a given this...

Vote Trump! - 5 days ago

^^^ this is your go-to, Souperman. Sad, but true. Datboy, is the owner of United/Continental Airlines running for President? I don't understand the relevance of your question.

Vote Trump! - 5 days ago

[i]Nary a peep of the corruption that is Hillary Clinton. I wonder if the Hillarybots are just too afraid to admit to it??[/i] This thread is about Donald Trump, in case you missed it.

Lt. Col. (ret.) John Heimburger is awesome! - Great Trump Supporter! - 5 days ago

Did his grandson write that for him? It seems an educated officer would write better than a 5th grade student.

Vote Trump! - 5 days ago

[i]Does she feel bad for anything she has done? At least what he has done has not killed anyone. The same cannot be said for her.?[/i] Who are you talking about? [i]So you're saying trump does...

Jesus is Lord - 5 days ago

I'm pretty sure this thread isn't about politics or "sides," it's about one guy being offensive.

Vote Trump! - 5 days ago

Right..because Trump is always beholden to other people! LMAO! His campaign sure has been indicative of THAT trait... *eyeroll* Again, that man does not give one rats arse about anyone but himself,...

Vote Trump! - 5 days ago

Typically, if someone with integrity feels something is bad, they refrain from participating in it. Especially if they feel it's bad for their country. He doesn't feel bad for anything he's done, n...

Vote Trump! - 5 days ago

What's interesting is how much Trump has benefited from the things he says makes America "a disaster." Outsourcing, trade with China, tax breaks...if he's so against it, why did he participate in i...

POLL: Who do you *think* will win the election? - 7 days ago

Yeah, I just turned on the news and heard a snippet. Haven't heard the story yet.

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