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Dorothy Parker

I joined this crazy place on 2010-11-19, 7 years ago.

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“The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.” ― Dorothy Parker

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Why do regular people vote republican? - 280 days ago

Calling his service into question is putting him down, Bob. You want to act like you have some sort of market on military service and decorations, why not tell us all about the medals you received and...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 280 days ago

Sure I did, Bob. 🙄 Tell us how great your service was while putting down Mark for serving. What a hero you are!

Why do regular people vote republican? - 280 days ago

Because I can read your posts, Bob. Tell us about the wars you saw in the early 80's. You aren't a Vietnam vet and you're too old to have been in the Gulf War. Tell us all about the combat you saw...

Pastor/State Rep Commits Suicide Over Accusations - 280 days ago

The guy was a liar with a guilty conscience. I feel bad for his family to have to live with that legacy.

Why do regular people vote republican? - 280 days ago

Bob never saw combat, Mark, don't sweat his comments. Why do people vote Republican? Because that's how they were raised.

A fine example of idiocracy - 281 days ago

Omg...ugh. Lmao! So sad and hilarious at the same time.

Alabama wins! - 284 days ago

Roy Moore wasn't an incumbent. It was a special election to fill the seat Jeff Sessions left. As far as Democrats being vile... L M A O. Look no further than Trump's tweets for vile rhetoric and co... - 285 days ago

How is AARP liberal??

Alabama wins! - 285 days ago

Thank you for choosing a good man over a disgrace. I also love Charles Barkley's commentary before and after the election. :) Big things ahead for 2018!

Excellent visual on privilege and advantages - 292 days ago

You're like SighFi's lap dog, Tat. This was done, take your Chihuahua yapping elsewhere. If you're nice, she'll give you a treat and a sweater. Maybe even a nice long walk!

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