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Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare - 1 hours ago

The insurance companies are at the top of the profitable business list. I have no prob with them making money, itÂ’s other stuff they do..

Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare - 4 hours ago

It IS a tax but originally it provided good coverage at a reasonable price.

Texas Federal Judge Strikes Down Obamacare - 6 hours ago

Well, now what? There's going to be appeals and all that jazz. The way it was, there was about a $700 tax penalty if you didn't have insurance. That needs TO GO. Now Trump is saying they will reva...

Narcissistic Personality Disorder - 21 hours ago

Well said Joelle. These problem people want to cause problems, (and like this incident right here, ) they then throw tantrums when called out or when disciplined. All Mark has to do is zip his mouth ...

Why, oh why - 1 days ago

What's weird? You came on a nice and pleasant thread and insulted the OP by saying it was something a preschooler should know. Not rocket science. We aren't triggered, but some of us like convo s...

Why, oh why - 1 days ago

Is it really THAT hard to just be civil? And NOT try to ruin other normal convos people try to have that don't involve political sniping and childish behavior?

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 1 days ago

People will Alzheimer's. .. If it were that bad, she would have never remembered WHICH line she was in to begin with. Lol

Why, oh why - 1 days ago

Emp, you hate it bc you aren't good at it, LOL. It's a chore and that's never fun!! Have you tried asking your wife? Women tend to be better at it bc we do it more often. Unless it's hers. ;)

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 2 days ago

I was in the passport line at the post office and it's long and slower than molasses. The amount of people who wait in that line and don't have the forms filled out properly or have the needed docs is...

That was pretty Selfish and Entitled! - 2 days ago

The grocery store management should instruct their cashiers to TELL people this is not allowed. And make them go to the end of the line. I've seen it many times, people do inexcusable stuff and no one...

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