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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 7 years ago.

» save SagaciousSighFiGurl as my FRIEND - HOSER

Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Remember word games? - 3 days ago


Remember word games? - 6 days ago


Remember word games? - 6 days ago


Marks gigs - 6 days ago

Wow...that's startling Prolix. Lol! And here I all this time, I thought you were mine. I'm going to challenge MU to a duel!! My choice of weapon: light saber! Enguarde!

Marks gigs - 7 days ago

You are HOT Miss U!!

No taking children from parents!!! - 7 days ago

Please try not to feed the troll bc well,! My Daddy use say when it gets really bad, try laughing to keep you from crying. LOL

Remember word games? - 7 days ago


Trump pimping North Korea Real Estate - 7 days ago

Miralago 2

Marks gigs - 7 days ago

We did. I like music, we were invited, and like supporting local people.

Remember word games? - 8 days ago

Santa Monica

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