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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-07, 11 years ago.

» save SagaciousSighFiGurl as my FRIEND - HOSER

Lucky for your eyes!! Lol

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Dis place is dead - 128 days ago

[i]Wow, this SagaciousSighFiGurl is the meanest mod I've never met...probably one of the cutes[/i] Probably??? Oh come on!!!!!

Dis place is dead - 130 days ago

Hey guys! What up??? Can you guys start a fight or something and I’ll ice ya. Good times!!! 🤣

Is it hard being you, caveman Barney? - 195 days ago

How did the numbers fare? I see they seem to be in good working order!!

Is it hard being you, caveman Barney? - 197 days ago

Bc you appear to have something to say? 🤷🤷🤷

THIS IS ONE GOOD RAIN! - 1 years ago

We needed it!! And temps are gonna get cold. Get out the hot chocolate and Netflix! :)

Bank of America Kingwood - 1 years ago

Did you ever find out?? They close banks all the time but customers seem to be the last to know! ugh

Video Proof of Massive Fraud! - 1 years ago

[i]It's the constitution they were looking at and two of the judges thought Texas had a case. [/i] They really are up against a ticking clock too! I wonder if they thought about the time issues.......

Goodbye California - 1 years ago

[i]Surprised anyone in their right mind still lives there. [/i] Its a gorgeous state with beaches, lakes, mountains and everything nature has to offer. The government has ruined it with poor mana...

Goodbye California - 1 years ago

Being born and raised there, it will always seem like home in my mind. Now, my last sibling has sold his home and is leaving the state. The state is a flaming S Show so i dont blame them. But its ...

Video Proof of Massive Fraud! - 1 years ago

[i]Look at the latest SCOTUS decision 7-2 against Trump. All his appointees voted against him. [/i] They have to follow the letter of the law. They can't vote for him bc he appointed them, that wou...

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