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Some people will show you what love is, and some will show you what love isn't.

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Recommendations for Garage Door Replacement - 16 hours ago

Do you have the door and just need an install or both? Overhead Garage Door has a coupon in the circular for $125 off new doors. You can have mine if you want it. There's also a coupon for O'Brien G...

Do You Want To Change Your Life? - 16 hours ago

Good luck!

Recommendations for Garage Door Replacement - 16 hours ago

Go with a established business. I tried using a handyman from on this site for mine and he was a complete CREEP who wanted my address and personal info but wouldn't give me his or show me a drivers l...

Local Business is expanding their sales floor - 16 hours ago

It's just a sales department. Like lots of cubes where people do their telemarketing. Sounds like they expanded their business office to include more attractive sales dept. and reception area for gue...

Annoying - 21 hours ago

No idea what this specifics are in her case but a lot of people eat sugary crappy cereal and cokes daily. Typical American diet for many. It appears they are doing well but on gov't assistance. Our ...

Does anyone know where I can get cake pops made? - 21 hours ago

The new HEB. I've seen them there!

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

Let's not forget there are more than two sides to every story nowadays. The passenger has his, UA has theirs and then there's the media picking and choosing what they feed us, hence shaping our opi...

POLL: Once was taboo & now not so much - 2 days ago

[url=]link title[/url]

POLL: Once was taboo & now not so much - 2 days ago

I'm going to get one that says LIARS SUCK

why is a thread locked - 2 days ago

dkeller --- 1 days ago - edit - quote - put user in the ice box - put user in the ice box and remove recent comments - hide comments why is a topic locked if there are people conversing on it.. the T...

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