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Maybe it's not too late to - 10 days ago


Maybe it's not too late to - 14 days ago


Any update on shooting at AHS? - 14 days ago

There was another shooting at that same kids address back in 2016...not sure what happened but those folks got serious problems!

Cuomo put a curse on New York - 17 days ago

This double talk about no body "caring" about unwed/single/poor women and children is a total lie and falsehood. Many in the community, Christians as well, lol, care. They also assist them in a pletho...

Cuomo put a curse on New York - 19 days ago

"There is literally no such thing as a "full term abortion." That is called birth. " Well that clears one thing up....if it's a "birth" then something is alive, and if it's being extinguished, I...

Second Baptist North Food Collection Saturday - 22 days ago

"Several days late and many dollars short" Says WHO? I don't think we have any right ( or logical common sense,) to criticize someone who has gone to the trouble to organize an event and make som...

Sheila Jackson Lee in hot water - 24 days ago

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Updated: 7:37 p.m. on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee gave up a subcommittee chairman’s post and appears to have been ousted as chairwom...

Sheila Jackson Lee in hot water - 24 days ago

Why does she have to step down? Pressure from who? Is stepping down some kind of concession in the lawsuit?

Maybe it's not too late to - 24 days ago


Maybe it's not too late to - 27 days ago


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