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I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-19, 8 years ago.

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HOA question... - 297 days ago

[i]I don't know what HOA board you were on but the courts ALWAYS sided with us. I served 3 years and that was my experience.?[/i] What Kingwood village was that in? You actually went before a ...

HOA question... - 297 days ago

[i]No, HOAs are not consistent. They nab one citizen and let obvious infractions go on and on. They appear to target one home and keep going at them again and again.?[/i] The crucial word you u...

HOA question... - 297 days ago

[i]We had covenants but they weren't obsessively picky, they were general and addressed general things. They have too much power here.[/i] I see you haven't read yours here then if you think...

HOA question... - 297 days ago

[i]I used to be the President of my HOA and I can tell you the courts usually will back the HOA. They have a lot more power than what you think.?[/i] That statement is completely wrong. They...

$3Mil to dredge the San Jac River - 310 days ago

[i]Wasn't it once toxic?? They told the kids as white and tempting as the sand was at Rivergrove park, stay away from it!?[/i] No and, no, they did not. That was a false rumor.


[i]he said it didn?t matter that I can?t even give Meals away. [/i] That is nonsense.

Keep Humble ISD Schools Great: Vote Sitton, Conrad, Cunningham and Dixon - 1 years ago

Prove your facts. I stand by my post and you deserved the insults for attacking someone unjustly.

Keep Humble ISD Schools Great: Vote Sitton, Conrad, Cunningham and Dixon - 1 years ago

[i]That is some funny stuff. Rehak was a huge proponent, in fact, the proposer of doubling KSA assessment fees for a year in order to pay for "the Northpark Beautification Project" so, in his words, i...

KSA Turns Blind Eye to Age Discrimination, Danger to Public, Road Rage, and By Laws Amendment Fraud - 2 years ago

[i]Can I assume this concerns Trailwood since it involves horses? I think the KSA/Kingwood Management needs revamping as a whole. Rules are not fairly administrated.... [/i] You should know t...

Hurricane Matthew - 2 years ago

My namesake had better not head this way.

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