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Joe Blow

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-19, 7 years ago.

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Third Year In A Row US Median income has risen! - 62 days ago

[i]At this point, I'm using this whole Trump thing as a learning experience.[/i] Spare us. Obama began this trend long ago when he reversed Bush's fiscal crisis. You have to be blind or stupi...

Poor Julie Chen... - 62 days ago

[i]I don?t even know what?s appropriate nowadays to even say when you?re husband is obviously a serious creep. [/i] Like Kavanaugh's wife. Sad.

More Trump winning today - 79 days ago

#MoreWinning LMFAO [img][/img]undefined

I love President Trump - 91 days ago

[i]Trump's ratings at this point in his presidency are higher than Obama's were at the same point.?[/i] You really believe every piece of s*** they throw your way. Breadcrumbs for the overweight...

I love President Trump - 91 days ago

[i]nyone who can drive liberals that crazy must be doing something right and is ok by me.?[/i] Right because that's what this country is all about. Feeding the divide! Hating half the citizens!...

Trumpty is such a freaking douche - 91 days ago

[i]Good riddance to lying, leaking communist Brennan. Comey, Strozk, Rice, Clapper are next. Clean the house.?[/i] Says the Faux Entertainment mic. LMFAO

The Queen Aretha Franklin isnt doing so well - 91 days ago

[i]She has pancreatic cancer and that's a killer[/i] You know that how? She has an undisclosed illness.

Trumpty is such a freaking douche - 91 days ago

[b] He oversaw the raid that killed bin Laden. Now he wants Trump to revoke his security clearance. Read William H. McRaven's letter.[/b] The retired Navy admiral writes to President Trump: Form...

Cruz to Texans With Pre-Existing Conditions: You're On Your Own - 93 days ago

What a POS this knuckle dragger is. EL PASO, TEXAS -- Despite overwhelming bipartisan approval of protections for those with pre-existing conditions, Ted Cruz continues to throw his full support be...

Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 93 days ago

[i]I know addiction is a choice exercised by the weak minded, sympathy seekers who can't handle real life.?[/i] O Jesus Christ, that is your opinion which sounds completely ignorant and uneducate...

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