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Joe Blow

I joined this crazy place on 2011-03-19, 8 years ago.

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Congress voted 420-0 to release the FULL mueller report - 28 days ago

[i]They will never and legally cannot release the report in it's entirety. There's national security issues and clearances that cannot be publicly released, among other issues. [/i] Redact them. ...

It's over - 28 days ago

[i] am glad the results show that the president probably didn’t do anything treasonous. Also glad that it turned out he was wrong about this being just a witch hunt to get him indicted. It proves mos...

It's over - 28 days ago

I am glad there was no collusion. Very thankful for that. There is OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE galore though. Sad. Can't wait to see the full report. Barr just another p@$$y whipped minion. LMF...

Ivanka who is in bed with russians, chinese and God knows who else! - 48 days ago

"Be Best" BS - 48 days ago

Clearly she does not know the language after all these years. Trying to influence children using improper English grammar. Typical for this version of White House 1.0 LMFAO

Atheists have higher IQs - 48 days ago


Cohen upstages all other news. - 53 days ago

Alex Jones LMFAO

Dumpty's talks with his BFF Kim FAIL - 53 days ago

Trump, Kim abruptly cut short summit Although North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had said he was ready in principle to denuclearize, he and President Trump ended their meetings. “Basically they wanted t...

Dumpty's talks with his BFF Kim FAIL - 53 days ago

Unexpected collapse of talks with N. Korea a setback for Trump, who invested more than a year cultivating a friendship with Kim The self-proclaimed master dealmaker left Hanoi empty-handed and humb...

50% of Americans have an IQ of 100... - 53 days ago

What's funny is that some are so stupid they can't recognize real intelligence when they see/hear it. Probably because she talks way above their ability. LMFAO

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