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Calling all Quilting/Sewing GrandMa's - 44 days ago

Calling All Quilting/Sewing Grandma's I am helping a home school granddaughter with an art project, and have about gone over budget. If any of you have scraps of Kaffee Fausset bright colored fabrics...

Very Poor Suddenlink Security Service!! - 72 days ago

Three days ago I reported my alarm system was not working. I was told it would be ten days before a repair technician could come out.This sounds like a management issue. Perhaps they need to hire more...

DNA Test from - 350 days ago

About American Indian Ancestry. Cherokee descent will not likely show up as American Indian, but will be in the European category. You can look on Cherokee lineage sites on the net, and some will expl...

DNA Test from - 350 days ago

Family Tree DNA, based right here in Houston is regarded as #1 by most of the genealogist/researchers I know. Get at least a 25 marker Y DNA test and a Family Finder test, so ou can see cousin matches...

Why Can't Suddenlink Fix It's Problems - 1 years ago

Where are the lawyers "out there"? Surely someone on Kingwood Underground is qualified to give a legal opinion on this subject.

Why Can't Suddenlink Fix It's Problems - 1 years ago

So, what can consumers constructively do to improve this situation? Surely there are some lawyers out there with more knowledge of this kind of situation.What are our consumer "rights"? I am serious,...

Why Can't Suddenlink Fix It's Problems - 1 years ago

I hate to "harp" on an old issue, but I am so very frustrated with not having dependable Suddenlink Service? What can be done? I've tried to be patient, but I am beginning to doubt the credibility of ...

SUDDENLINK off Again in Greentree - 1 years ago

SUDDENLINK has been going off and on for days in the back of Greentree. I am so frustrated!

Water vs. Oil..Piplines - 1 years ago

Oil pipelines across the country are a "going thing". How about WATER PIPELINES in appropriate places to divert excess river water (like San Jacinto River)to some of the hundred of miles of Texas dese...

Building/Flooding/Re-building - 1 years ago

I would liked to see laws in place and enforced to prevent building in areas that are flood zones, or repeatedly flood. There would be some heavy political issues to overcome to do this. Many homes ...

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