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Very Poor Suddenlink Security Service!!

who's talking here?

texaslady 1
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texaslady --- 199 days ago -

Three days ago I reported my alarm system was not working. I was told it would be ten days before a repair technician could come out.This sounds like a management issue. Perhaps they need to hire more repair technicians if they cannot provide service in a timely manner.......but, that would "cut into" their profit. I am not happy! 

TinktheSprite --- 199 days ago -

You could have stopped at "very Poor Suddnlink"...and everyone would understand. SL simply doesn't do customer service! Have you gone in to the office to request service? I found that things get done in person for some reason? ETA When our security service went out we first thought it was the landline answering machine. No. It was Suddenlink. They had to reset out phone line to get it to work again. 2 wks without landline and security. 

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