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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-21, 7 years ago.

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Two 15 YO's Died Yesterday in a Murder/Suicide - 99 days ago

fuzz81 --- 1 hours ago - quote - hide comments What, your thoughts and prayers didn’t work? I’m shocked. You're hideous.

Hmmmm..... wondering what a sock cucker is? - 209 days ago

Anybody know? Bueller?? I may have heard there might be an esoteric answer to this deep philosophical question floating around in the ice box, like a Missfit Turd. One never knows...

What's better than a chilled Resse's peanut butter cup?? - 214 days ago

I have to get off this thread NOW.

Who remembers Hasta La Pasta? Well it's back! - 214 days ago

In the form of Marsala's Italian Grill. Isaac and Teresa, who ran Hasta La Pasta when it was at FM 1960 and Lake Houston Parkway, had to move to Huffman about 5 years ago. They couldn't keep the name,...

Why do regular people vote republican? - 255 days ago

^^^^^States. ^^^^

Why do regular people vote republican? - 255 days ago

[i]Im calling BS. Guess why. Counties aren't blue or red. States are.?[/i] And just to show everyone how right The Markster always is, here's a map of all the red and blue STATES in the 2016 electi...

18 yr old available for child care over the summer - 257 days ago

Update: Three days after I posted this, Elizabeth found a job with a wonderful family for the summer. Thank you for the inquiries.

You know how we get ads on here....??? - 270 days ago

[i]Somehow this site knows I cycle a lot and wants to hook me up with a nice [b]heterosexual[/b] single cyclist. [/i] How do you know it doesn't want to hook you up with a single GAY cyclist?

18 yr old available for child care over the summer - 276 days ago

My daughter is available this summer for child care, ages 3 and up. She will come to your home, cook for the kids and clean up afterwards, dress, play, arts & crafts, read, and even do some fun school...

Taste of Greek - 276 days ago

Did he ever shrink up his food?

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