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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-21, 7 years ago.

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Remember word games? - 103 days ago


Now This is a beautiful day! - 131 days ago

Me too!

Recommendations for parent taught driver education course - 132 days ago

Region 13 has one, and it's $30. [url=]PT 101[/url] Good luck - teaching my daughter was so much easier than my son. She's ready to take her test!

Parents/Summer Day babysitters: What do you pay/earn? - 154 days ago

Thanks, Si!

Parents/Summer Day babysitters: What do you pay/earn? - 154 days ago

My daughter is 18 and would like to do in-home childcare this summer. In order to make an informed decision about what to charge, I'm coming here on her behalf and asking. Parents - if you've paid ...

Kathaleen Wall - 167 days ago

She married someone from the Frost family, 25 yrs her senior. Mystery solved!

The Escape Room - 170 days ago

Umm....Mark...I believe your fans are waiting. [img][/img]undefined

Political train wreck aka Kathaleen Wall - 185 days ago

We get tons of mailers from her.

I'm guessing people finally got a life (including myself) - 189 days ago

Sounds like we need us some gking back here, pronto! Was he liberal or conservative, btw? I hope liberal. You guys need another cat toy besides Mark & Blow. [img]

So Trump wants a parade - 193 days ago

[i]Esquallalalala, thats funny...? [/i] [img][/img]

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