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I joined this crazy place on 2011-05-21, 7 years ago.

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Political train wreck aka Kathaleen Wall - 93 days ago

We get tons of mailers from her.

I'm guessing people finally got a life (including myself) - 97 days ago

Sounds like we need us some gking back here, pronto! Was he liberal or conservative, btw? I hope liberal. You guys need another cat toy besides Mark & Blow. [img]

So Trump wants a parade - 101 days ago

[i]Esquallalalala, thats funny...? [/i] [img][/img]

So Trump wants a parade - 101 days ago

Uh......Mark? [img][/img] Earth to Mark.

Comment from KAREN VAUGHN Mother of Aaron Vaughn Fallen Navy Seal - 102 days ago

She's spot on.

TRUMPTY: Guilty as Charged - 105 days ago

Ooooh look! Joe's got an intelligent, totally believable meme! I have one too: [img][/img]undefined

I had a dream about Trump last night - 105 days ago

My husband has control over his dreams. It started when he was 5 and didn't like the monsters with red and green flashing eyes. So he would become aware that he was dreaming and wake himself up. He ca...

Why You Should Not Charge your phone in the car - 108 days ago

I just changed out my car charger. It was about 4 yrs old. My new charger fully charges up my phone, quickly. P.S. I have an android. I don't use Apple products on principle. No Apple, no problem!

POLL: - 111 days ago


Let's Make This an All Female Site - 114 days ago

Who got da Beeyotch wine??

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