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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 5 years ago.

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All these Airliner Stories - 23 hours ago

I like cruise ships, personally. But none of my family live in popular ports of call.

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

[i]Can you provide a source of a completed investigation finding this man gave himself a concussion, broken nose and two missing teeth? [/i] One of a few articles out there. CNN has one but this i...

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago

[i]The authorities that punched the passenger and dragged him off the plane shouldn't be questioned? Wow. Just wow. [/i] Not only were law enforcement questioned but a full investigation was compl...

All these Airliner Stories - 1 days ago


The skeeters are BAD! - 1 days ago

[i]When do the trucks start spraying the neighborhoods here? [/i] As soon as someone dies of West Nile Virus, or Malaria or, Zika Virus, or Dengue Fever, or whatever new virus it is this year THE...

Loud music in Greentree - 1 days ago

It's like boys and their super loud music with the big bass in their cars. I think they think loud music makes them look and sound cool? It doesn't never has. If it's bothering you it's bothering...

The skeeters are BAD! - 1 days ago

"Tink" was my DD's very first favorite toy, Twink the Sprite from Rainbow Brite only she called it "Tink" and it stuck. I kinda like the nickname, actually.

What happened to cicis pizza - 1 days ago

The one in Atascocita is closed, too. I heard, "Remodeling". But it's a rumor. No huge loss but the local sports teams sure love it!

POLL: Once was taboo & now not so much - 1 days ago

I wish I could chose two choices. I think it looks trashy but I don't have an issue with it. You can look whatever way you please. What I feel is none of their business. Go for it. The REAL question ...

Wisconsin - 1 days ago

I went to Green Bay WI once. It was a beautiful sunny cold day that suddenly and quickly turned into a blizzard night. It was scary on the roads!

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