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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-06, 7 years ago.

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The Miserable... - 28 days ago

"Programmed" or something deep down troubles them. Identifiable or not, it rules their life.

Has Anyone Done A Mail In DNA Test? - 29 days ago

My background is so darn boring. I am a purebred for as far back as we found before all the DNA testing.

Has Anyone Done A Mail In DNA Test? - 29 days ago

I understand your DNA belongs to the company who performs the test. I wonder what they can do with it??

It Looks Like Rain Again This Weekend - 30 days ago

Street flooding should be minimal. The main concern are the winds and possible hail. This is an odd Spring!

I hope no one on KU flooded! - 37 days ago


Interesting Article Regarding Elm Grove Flooding - 37 days ago


What a blessing!!!!! - 40 days ago

Babies are wonderful!!

12-year-old charged with murder in fatal Texas shooting of 10-year-old brother - 40 days ago

BOTH the parents and the child should be tried and sentenced. The fact that the child had access is the parents' fault. The child knew the difference between right and wrong and should be tried as an ...

It Looks Like This Place Is Dying - 41 days ago

Yeah, it has gotten really old. Boring. Eyerolling.

6 hours of power outage after a little storm - 41 days ago

Preparing for more storms this week. Going to get the generator prepared. Hurricane Season starts in June. This is good practice.

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