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Slow Drivers on Hwy 288 - 2 days ago

We travel Hwy 288 via 59 a number of times per week. Where 288 begins it makes me crazy that so many people merge on to that freeway from 59 and 45 going 40 mph and [/i] continue [/i] going that slow...

internet - 3 days ago

We made the switch 1 yr ago January. Suddenlink isn't perfect but it's a helluva lot faster than CenturyLink. Just be sure to address all issues in person at the SuddenLink office, not by phone for ef...

Remember word games? - 4 days ago


San Jac Dredging will start - 5 days ago


San Jac Dredging will start - 5 days ago

The last target date I heard was May.It looks like they might make it! Surveys have been completed. They are now taking bids for dredging to begin in 2-3 weeks. Funding is also available for addition...

Harris County Appraisals - 6 days ago

Kingwood got much of the help it needed during the flood due to media attention. (Thanks, Everyone!) The nation heard and saw what was happening to Kingwood and came running. The sensationalism alone ...

Netflix Lost In Space Remake - 7 days ago

Pretty darn GOOD!!!

Remember word games? - 7 days ago


Walking Dead Season 7 Finale - 7 days ago

Ehhh. A little underwhelming...til Maggie turns! What's going to happen in Season 8 Oct)???

Give it up grandma... - 8 days ago

Go for it!!

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