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Shootings in Cancun again - 15 hours ago

4 Dead. Find another place to vacation! [url=]http...

Butterflies LOSE - 7 days ago

Can we EVER have a decent grown kind of conversation here? Ever? Grow up, Boys!

Butterflies LOSE - 9 days ago

Butterflies, People! This thread is about the BUTTERFLIES!

Butterflies LOSE - 10 days ago

A recent report found that the Eastern population of the monarch butterflies in North America is still suffering from long-term population decline. If the trend continues, the iconic monarch butterfli...

Butterflies LOSE - 10 days ago

Butterflies still lose life supporting plantlife, sanctuary, and food.

Butterflies LOSE - 11 days ago

Ok. Read the article. A wall and all construction will cut through a 100 acre place meant to house and protect butterflies. The total purpose of this acreage is to help butterflies therefore help pla...

Butterflies LOSE - 12 days ago

Um , the wall part?!

Butterflies LOSE - 12 days ago

There is a direct correlation between plants and insects. If one or the other become threatened or endangered, their existence may be permanently altered. IOW they don't simply "adapt".

Big City Wings - 12 days ago

Big City Wings is a Wings place plus other (sports) bar foods. They never advertised as a steak restaurant. Why compare?

Butterflies LOSE - 13 days ago

2of9Lorri Burnett photographed equipment used for the beginnings of border wall construction at the National Butterfly Center on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019.Photo: Courtesy, Lorri Burnett 3of9Lorri Burnett ...

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