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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 5 years ago.

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In 2017 - why is it legal to be a white supremacist, a KKK member, or a neo nazi??? - 9 hours ago

Both sides are just as bad. It wasn't too long ago that blacks were taking to the streets, burning businesses and threating the police. People can get up and say whatever they want, that is what makes...

Who died before they collected Social Security? - 6 days ago

If they had been able to keep the money and they had invested it, he would have inherited a nice chunk of change. Instead the government has been supporting some freelaoder with the money.

New Teacher - 8 days ago

You should have spent the summer going to garage sales. Best time for bargains is when they are shutting down for the day on Saturday. People really don't want to drag that stuff back in the house. Do...

Blinn College in Brenham - 8 days ago

I think she will be much happier there, since there is so much more do to. Plus if she is planning on finishing at A&M, she will already feel at home.

CNN anchor leaves to join "Trump TV" - 8 days ago

If you don't want to watch the show, don't watch. I watch a lot of different channels and the biggest difference I can see is the stories some channels never talk about and the ones they never shut up...

America has an effective leader - 8 days ago

I heard Trump people repeatedly say how he gives people a job or position and then stands back and lets them do their job. He can't own or have interests in as many businesses and be a micromanager, b...

My Leftist friends .... (TRUMP is awesome!) - 9 days ago

I still am amazed that Trump won the election. Who would have ever thought a year ago that anyone could beat Hillary? The press sure did their part. They have been on his back since he was elected. S...

Another freebee for aliens - 12 days ago

No, it's cheaper if they stay in their home country. a hundred years, immigrants came here and found a way to support themselves and learn English so they could climb the ecomonic ladder. Now, illega...

Blinn College in Brenham - 12 days ago

Has she looked on any of the Facebook pages for clubs or organizations? My daughter found her roommate for dental school on the new dental student Facebook page. I would think if you called student h...

Shameful - 16 days ago

I would have loved to, but I'm not crazy. lol The man and kids were in football jerseys, new jeans and sneakers. They really looked like shoppers. They had to have driven to the store. My daughter ...

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