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Canadian woman demands "white doctor" at Canadian clinic - 3 days ago

Hey, give her who she wants. I'd hate to see a patient that didn't want me in the room. My family sees I don't know how many doctors, but one is a white male, one is a white female and the rest are ...

The US will go the same way - if we do not support immigration controls 100% - 7 days ago

Surely, they will wake up and take their country back. I don't care what your religion is, but I want you to follow the laws of the United States. Don't come here and try to change America into the ...

Kathy Griffin is the face of the democrat party - 23 days ago

I can't believe she is up there saying the Trumps are bullying her. She knew what she was doing. Now that she is having to pay for her actions, she wants us to feel sorry for her. I am glad we live ...

THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS and save one hell of a lot of taxpayer's money!! - 23 days ago

I agree. They were never meant to make a career out of serving. Why in the world would they want to ever leave? Most couldn't make a decent living in the real world.

Tiger Woods has been arrested - 27 days ago

I know he has had health issues for years, but I think his private life being exposed caused his downfall. Everyone put him on a pedestal and I think it was too hard to go out and play golf in front o...

I'm refinishing my stairs - 29 days ago

That will look really nice. You'll have to show us the before and after.

I'm refinishing my stairs - 29 days ago

I've seen some pretty cool stairs painted on Pinterest.


I have heard enough about these places, that I will never darken their doors. Go to the hospital if it really is an emergency, if not wait and go to the doctor in the morning.

Bill Cosby arrives for jury selection in criminal trial - 34 days ago


Ooh Rah - My daughter is a Marine - 34 days ago

My mom worked for selective services during the Vietnam war and she said it was heartbreaking to see the young boys being sent off to war. I was young at the time, but I remember the war in the news ...

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