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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 6 years ago.

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Drug and alcohol addiction in Kingwood - 5 days ago

I know a family who has lost everything, because of theirs son?s addiction. Money is all gone and they will work until the day they die. They have paid for rehab, lawyers to keep him out of jail for s...

Death of a Nation is Out - 13 days ago

The majority of the republicans are just as bad as the democrats. They always promise change, they always say if we only had the majority we could do so much. Both parties have made so many deals wit...

Recycle by mail FREE - 22 days ago

Just seems like this solution wastes more energy and resources. Really just makes the problem worse.

Recycle by mail FREE - 22 days ago

They destroy a tree to make a box. They send the box through the mail. The truck uses gas, throws who knows what out in the air, so you can get a box. Then you fill it with trash and reverse the proce...

Omarosa's new book - 22 days ago

Yes, she did. That made me wonder about Trump?s intelligence. She really seemed like she had a chip on her shoulder on the show.

Omarosa's new book - 23 days ago

I remember when she was on The Apprentice, one of the other contestants said made the comment, that?s like the pot calling the kettle black. She was convinced it was a racist remark. She threw a fit. ...

Trump paid off more women with hush $$$ - 23 days ago

Why does having sex with someone other than your wife only matter if you are a republican.

Recycle by mail FREE - 23 days ago

So they send you a postage paid box and you mail it back with trash? I can?t see how that is a win.

Kingwood Has A Serious Mail Theft Problem. - 24 days ago

They had this same problem in the Tomball area. I know they were trying to get a news station to do a story. Mail coming to the house with slits. People who had relatives asking about gift cards they ...

Disgraceful trump treason summit with Russia - 33 days ago

Yes, I hate to bring her back up, but there was absolutely no doubt about the things she did. They are still trying to find proof Trump did anything. Show me the PROOF. I just want both parties treate...

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