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I have heard enough about these places, that I will never darken their doors. Go to the hospital if it really is an emergency, if not wait and go to the doctor in the morning.

Bill Cosby arrives for jury selection in criminal trial - 1 days ago


Ooh Rah - My daughter is a Marine - 1 days ago

My mom worked for selective services during the Vietnam war and she said it was heartbreaking to see the young boys being sent off to war. I was young at the time, but I remember the war in the news ...

Comey took notes on trump pressuring him to drop Flynn investigation - 6 days ago

I was just listening to Rush. He said that if Trump had said any of these things, Comey was required by law to turn it over to the justice department, If he didn't turn over the notes, he could be c...

Trump tried to "obstruct" according to NY Times... - 7 days ago

Can you imagine what the headlines would have looked like if the papers and TV stations had gone after Obama and Hillary like they are going after Trump? Trump has not been in office long enough to d...

LOL - OPEC asks US to slow down Oil Production - 8 days ago

I bet they are missing Obama.

Man caught have sex w/ his dog!! - 13 days ago

Farmer said he saw the moose shagging his cow doggy style. How else would the moose do it? In my mind, all I could see was the moose leaning up against at tree, his legs crossed, smoking a cigarette....

Comey was about to bust Trumpty - 13 days ago

One of the first things I would have done, had been Trump, is fire Comey. The man has to be incompetent if he couldn't find any laws Hillary Clinton had broken. Just the way she handled emails put our...

At what age do you introduce a child to dates? - 18 days ago

I say that about the daycare, because I had no idea how expensive it is. My kids never went and I don't remember anyone I was close to sending their kids to daycare. The girl who has cut my hair forev...

Susan Rice Refuses to Testify - 18 days ago

It just kills me. There is someone in Washington that knows the entire story. PLEASE write the best seller you are sitting on.

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