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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 6 years ago.

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Flooded homes, discount purchase prices and taxes... - 9 days ago

The article in the paper today just made me angry. Investors coming in to buy these houses, either to rent or sale. Renters don?t have to be told it has flooded. New buyers and the investors are going...

Whole Foods - 9 days ago

My brother works at a Whole Foods and he is convinced people just shop there to say they shop at Whole Foods.

Bill Cosby Found Guilty - 21 days ago

I will be surprised if he ever see the inside of a prison.

What was the most embarrassing moment in your life? - 65 days ago

I?d say if that is the most embarrassing moment in your life, you?ve not been out much! Lol

#MuellerTime LMFAO - 68 days ago

It is getting so old. God only knows how much money they have spent on this hunt to bring Trump down. There is a list a mile long about the laws Hillary has broken and they don?t say a word about her....

Redistribution of Wealth Upwards - 69 days ago

My dad always said if you don't like your job, boss or pay, leave. No one has a gun to your head making you stay, but if you stay, don't bad mouth the job, boss or pay. This America and I truly beli...

31-yo man blames parents for his lack of success & independence in life - 69 days ago

The parents created that mess. I'd say they need to set a timeline for him to be out, but if either one of them had a spine, he already be gone. I see parents with kids and I wonder what they are th...

Stormy offers to pay Trump back $130k - 70 days ago

Sounds like she knows she can make more than $130,000 selling her story. If he had sex with her, I don?t care. His wife is the only person he needs to worry about.

Kathaleen Wall - 78 days ago

I just watched the video. Why would anyone back her? She sounds like a moron.

Kathaleen Wall - 78 days ago

I am hoping she loses. Her voice is so annoying.

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