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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-21, 7 years ago.

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Are you a Socialist or a Republican? - 3 hours ago

After seeing how they are acting, if I was a democrat, I?d change my party. For a party that wants equality for all, they sure are showing their true colors. They are as usual, acting like their opini...

Cruz up in polls.......... - 10 days ago

I know there are people who know blow by blow everything that Hillary did during the election. They witnessed everything that happened the night she lost, her total meltdown. One day, if I?m lucky, th...

Cruz up in polls.......... - 11 days ago

After the 2016 elections, who could ever have faith in the polls? Do you ever wonder what shape this country would be in if she HAD won?

Trump orders kavanaugh investigation - 15 days ago

Have you ever noticed who is out getting in other people?s faces or rioting? Who goes up to some one peacefully protesting and grabs signs and tears them up? It isn?t a republican. What did they thi...

The Problem With #BelieveSurvivors - 15 days ago

I listened to the entire testimony of both Kavanaugh and Ford. She lost any credibility when she said she didn?t know they would come out to California. It was all over the news, I knew they had offer...

#MeToo Is Making Colleges Teach Toxic Masculinity 101 - 19 days ago

You can see how far America has fallen. These values used to be taught at home.

Kavanaugh - 19 days ago

The reaction from Kavanaugh is what I would expect from an innocent person. Can you imagine being accused of something you didn?t do? Then imagine facing that bunch of idiots and trying to clear your...

Kavanaugh - 21 days ago

What is the FBI suppose to investigate? The other people she says were there, say it didn?t happen. I can?t believe that it went any further once they talked to the people she named. She says it happ...

She's lying - 22 days ago

Her go fund me account had almost $700,000 the last time I saw it mentioned. There are a lot of people who would get up and lie for a lot less. What about the two guys who say they think she is talkin...

She's lying - 23 days ago

Who do you believe? The person who has people who back them up. The other people she names say it never happened. The woman who was her best friend says it didn?t happen. If she was there, why would s...

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