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Are you weak if you make your man a sandwich? This is why real men don?t marry feminists - 1 days ago

Every couple does what works for them. I do everything around the house. Cook, clean, pay bills, but he provides for the family. He makes a good living and we'd really suffer if we had to live on what...

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 1 days ago

I agree. I worry about the lawless people. Anyone planning to go on a killing spree doesn't need guns. They will find a way to kill. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws and we can see how much t...

The Evil of Gun Violence ? a Moral question - 1 days ago

Guns laws will be just like all the other laws. Law abiding people will obey and the criminals will continue doing as they please. Innocent people are killed every day by drunk drivers. Timothy Mcvieg...

HARVEY WEINSTEIN another grabber - 11 days ago

Why do these women put up with it? It seems to me that some women are fine with it as long as they get something in return. I'm sure there are men who are put in the same situation. These creeps do ...

Less than 0.00004 Percent Of All U.S. Guns Are Used In Homicides - 15 days ago

Remember the driver of the truck in France, the 9/11 planes, the Boston bombs. You don't need guns to kill. Take the guns away from legal owners and the only people with them will be the criminals.

What Is Up With Dr. Lugo's Office? - 18 days ago

I think doctors would be shocked if they tried calling in like their patients. All business owners need to realize that the first impression people get of your business is when they walk in the door o...

Texas #18 State With the Most Guns - 21 days ago

I don't know what it is called, but I know when my husband buys a rifle, gun, whatever, he has to fill out paper work. They know where to come knocking when they try and take our guns.

Texas #18 State With the Most Guns - 21 days ago

They say "registered". I wonder how many unregistered are laying around in each state. I know of plenty that have been passed down.

I bet this guy wishes he could take a knee - 22 days ago

People have fought for their right to sit and I think people might not be so angry if they saw these same men do something constructive when they aren't on the field in front of cameras.

White privilege - Is this really happening in College today? - 27 days ago

Did you read the article in the WSJ about the op-ed calling for the revival of the "cultural script" of the 50's? How could anyone argue with, marry before you have kids, stay married, get an educatio...

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