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I joined this crazy place on 2012-01-05, 10 years ago.

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"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." -Galileo

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Who did Cain and Abel marry? - 5 years ago

Speculative info Speculative data Budda knows the real answer.

Kitchen contractor needed! - 5 years ago

a good recommendation would be much appreciated! Remodeling granite island with cooktop. Tia!

Young Adult (21+) Groups in the Area - 5 years ago


most of you don't have a clue - 5 years ago

Thank god you are here to enlighten us pathetic mindless sheeple! Because of your derogatory, ambiguous, hysterical warning, I and my family have our tin foil hats on and stockpile of buried guns. Phe...

Poise and Depends - 5 years ago

I will freely admit that if I jump on a trampoline with anything in my bladder... It's coming out. Thanks kids!

This is one cold-hearted breakup - 5 years ago

uh... did you read it? He had 45 days to leave. He also physically assaulted her. She has every right to protect herself from further "incidents." She should have acted earlier. Most men who hit wo...

Satanic After School Program - 5 years ago

[url= ]Fixed[/url] Because it's news and it's not election-related.

We're being secretly attacked. - 5 years ago

[i]the ants themselves take on the characteristics of a late-night gay man glistening with sweat at a dance party: [/i] Hahahaha!

Satanic After School Program - 5 years ago


Adult A.D.D. - 5 years ago

[i]PBS did a fabulous program on the brain. The doctors said that contrary to what we do now in life now with multitasking at work and play even, the brain is NOT set up to do more than one thing well...

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